"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Latest Fashion Trends of 2023

A picture of Kayla Ditoro with her pink Stanley cup.

The latest fashion trends of 2023 have drastically changed from last year. Some trends from last year were mom jeans, corsets, Nike blazers, and Converse shoes Now however people are into other things. 

People may wonder why you think fashion trends change throughout the year.

According to Riley Sexton, she believes, “They change because people get sick of the old ones, and then someone discovers something new and it blows up on TikTok.”

Leah Kleinsten on the other hand believes “People realize things don’t look the best on you now so they come up with new outfits.”

Maddy Chessin agrees with Riley Sexton by saying,” Things get boring, so they need a new best thing to get people interested.” 

Many people have similar takes on the top fashion trends of this year.

According to Riley, “Gold hoops, ugg boots, platform shoes, and flare leggings”  Are in style. Leah agrees with her, “Flare leggings, or flare pants, and also scubas from Luluemon.”

Maddy said, “Mid Uggs, gold earrings, slick back hair.”  Sam Storzillo said,” Air Jordans shoes, flare leggings, off-the-shoulder clothes, and puffer vests.”

All of these clothes that they said are especially true for Wayne Hills High School because you can see many girls wearing those clothes.

Another huge fashion trend, taking first place would be the one and only Stanley cups. Stanley cups come in all different sizes and colors. 

Leah Kleinstein states,” I have a green one, I like it because it keeps the water nice and cold. It is also so fun to walk around with it seeing everyone’s different color Stanley.” Maddy Chessin agrees with Leah by saying,” I have a pink Stanley, very pretty and it keeps me hydrated all day.”

Sophomore Sam Storzillo, also agreed that the color matters,” I have a grey Stanley and it matches with pretty much everything. That’s why I love it!”

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About the Contributor
Blake Nisenson
Blake Nisenson is a junior from Wayne Hills. She is a 2 sport varsity athlete. She plays soccer and lacrosse.  She has played high school soccer and lacrosse for 3 years so far and can't wait for her last year next season. Blake is also the spirit captain for the maroon team. Her favorite fashion trends of this year are Gold hoops, Stanleys, Ugg boots, and Lululemon clothing. Blake also does extra activities like Deca, Friendship Circle, and Relay For Life. This is Blake's first year in Journalism class and she loves it! In the future, Blake wants to go into media communication so at school she likes her TV and Journalism class.    

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