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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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March Madness or The Caitlin Clark Show

March Madness or The Caitlin Clark Show
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It’s the end of march so for basketball fans this is the best part of march, MARCH MADNESS. In the women’s NCAA tournament there have not been many upsets. 

Most of the teams that are ranked higher than their opponents have won, with the exception of the first round Louisville vs Middle Tennessee. Where Middle Tennessee ranked 11th to the victory over the 6th ranked team Louisville.

In the second round Baylor ranked 5th beat 4th ranked team Virginia Tech, Colorado ranked 5th beat 4th ranked team Kansas State, and a big upset that messed up a few brackets was Duke ranked 7th beating Ohio State who was ranked 2nd. 

This year especially women’s basketball has been off the charts with viewers and fans. This is because of number 22 on Iowa Caitlin Clark. She is said to be the “Stephan Curry” of women’s basketball. 

The night she was going to beat Pete Maravich’s in Division 1 total points scored, the tickets went to crazy numbers. Not only did she beat the record but the tickets went to an all time high for college and pro women’s basketball. The cheapest ticket was $446 while the most expensive was $11,285. She has become the face of women’s basketball. Many people want to see Caitlyn Clark win a national championship.

“I want Iowa to win because I think Caitlin Clark deserves a national championship.” Senior, Siena Shuster, agrees she is hoping to see Caitlin Clark in the finals to win. 

“I would like to see South Carolina in the finals this year.”  Senior Sydney Heltzer said.

Speaking of South Carolina, they have not lost one game. Not in march madness but throughout their whole season, they have not lost. That’s crazy. South Carolina has been no joke from the start, they are headed towards a national championship with a season of no losses. There has not been an undefeated team that has won the national championship since the 2016 UConn team.

Many people have a favorite team, they may want them to win it all but know that they’re just not the best team this year. A popular pick for favorite team this year is Iowa due to Caitlin Clark. My favorite team is LSU, while I believe they won’t make it to the finals this year, I still enjoy watching them play and hope they make it to the elite eight.

Physical Education teacher Mrs. Brown says “My favorite team is UConn, but I do enjoy watching Caitlyn Clark play.”  

“My favorite team is South Carolina.” Junior Angelia Marseu says she also hopes they win it all this year.

People may get surprised and their team may end up beating a team that they statically weren’t supposed to. Like the Duke vs Ohio State game, Duke surely surprised me with that one. I have watched Ohio State and they were really good. I would say Duke has surprised me the most this season just with that one game. 

“I was most surprised by NC State,”  Senior Sydney Heltzer said.

“I was surprised by NC State the most, I’m surprised they made it this far.”  Junior Angelia Marseu.

I know most people are just hoping for a good finals game, no one likes a blow out in the finals. With these teams this year I feel it will be a very competitive and exciting game. 


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Jailyn Celestine James, Staff Writer
Jailyn is a senior at Wayne Hills High School, she plays three sports, Field Hockey, Basketball, and Flag Football. This is her first year in the Journalism class, and she is loving it. Jailyn is an active girl that does a lot for her school. She would like to go into Sports Communications in college so her favorite classes are TV Production and Journalism. Some personal things about jailyn is, her favorite color is yellow because it reminds her of sunsets and sunrises which is her favorite time of day. Her favorite food is pasta or sushi. She would love to have a white house in the Hamptons when she's older, with lots of farm land.  

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