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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Seniors Running Towards Senioritis

Are seniors at Wayne Hills experiencing senioritis?
Chelsey Fernicola
Emily scroble walking to class!

Every senior in Wayne Hills has such exciting things coming up ahead whether it’s college, trade school, working, the military, and so much more. They are looking forward to all of these major changes in their lives that are so exciting, but this also means one thing comes around at the end of the year: senioritis.

 After getting into college and the work in high school decreases, more and more students get lazier and lazier towards the end of the year. It gets harder for them to motivate themselves to keep up good grades and continue to work hard. 

Most seniors across high schools in America will admit to experiencing senioritis. Many people think that colleges won’t look at your final grades so it doesn’t matter what grades you end up with. This is the case for some colleges but some do still look at your end of year grades so it is very important to keep up with your schoolwork.

One thing that students definitely need to stay focused on is the senior research paper at the end of the year. From my experience, I can easily say that it is definitely a lot of work, so staying motivated to complete it is very important. It is a major grade for senior year so you want to do the best you can on it. 

Senior Dean Qira said, “Senioritis has been really bad and it’s really sucked. I have a research paper I have to do. I’ve barely done anything like any of it yet.” It is very hard for Dean to stay motivated but as soon as he finishes his research paper he will definitely feel a lot more relaxed.

Senior Isabella Turelli says, “I have really bad senioritis. I came into school late today because I couldn’t get up because I really don’t like school anymore. I really want to graduate.

Lastly, senior Jadyn Nisenson says, “I have senioritis because I am looking forward to the last summer with my friends.”

Obviously all of these seniors are pretty checked out of school especially since they are all committed to colleges. Congratulations to all of the seniors who are graduating but make sure to stay on top of your work!

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About the Contributors
Danielle Iannelli
Danielle is a Senior at Wayne Hills High School. She is a member of the Journalism class and she loves it! She loves to find new things out and write about important topics. Danielle has been playing for Wayne Hills soccer since her freshman year and has been playing on a club team since she was little. She loves the beach, shopping, makeup, animals, and music.  Her favorite food is sushi, the color pink, and Harry Styles.  Danielle wants to major in Media and Sports Communications and will be attending Drew University to continue her soccer career.
Megan Weiss, Writer
Megan Weiss is a member of the Journalism class at Wayne Hills. She has the opportunity to write stories about popular things going on in the world. She has so much fun doing this and loves to share her stories with everyone. Megan is a senior and has played for the High School Soccer team since Freshman year and she has played the sport for many years before that. She is also a part of the Art program and has been drawing since she was very young. Her favorite things to write about are popular trends and school news. Her favorite color is blue and she loves going to the beach. Megan loves to write and wants to continue to write in her future.
Chelsey Fernicola
Chelsey Fernicola, staff writer
Chelsey Fernicola is a Junior at Wayne Hills. She is a staff writer who also does the dance team, is a varsity cheerleader, and is Maroon Aerobics captain for SDA. This is Chelsey's first year being a staff writer and she enjoys writing about school news, national news, and fashion trends!

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