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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Wawa… The New Spot In 2024

Chelsey Fernicola
Junior Jack Monisera in study hall

Everyone loves a good snack and loves a good gas station. Everyone just loves a good, happy place that brings you joy. That place is the new Wawa on Route 23.!

From Quick Check to your near mini mart, there hasn’t been a gas station that everyone talks about and eats from, but then Wawa came around. 

Most of the Wayne Hills students know Wawa as their favorite down the shore spot, where they get there summer hoagies and there favorite late night snacks. When you are down the shore they is almost a Wawa that is biking distance in all places.

Wawa is many peoples favorite place, from having the best coffee, to having a soda machine with a bunch of different soft drinks. From drinks they also have almost all candies and a bunch of hot food. For example many people enjoy there hoagies that they make fresh.

Now that there is a new Wawa in Wayne, it brings in a lot of high schoolers to the new location. There are so many different reasons that people choose to go to Wawa because there are so many things you can get from there. 

In my opinion, the reason I go to Wawa is because of how great there cheese and crackers box, with the diet soda machine always makes me smile. 

Each person who chooses to go to Wawa from Wayne Hills has a different story on why they went to Wawa.

Junior Casey Barratta has a special spot in his heart for Wawa,

“Wawa is one of my favorite places in Wayne. I love there cheesy warmed pretzels with there fountain  Hi-C. My combination is just superior. It makes Wawa my favorite gas station.”

Even though Wawa is the new hot spots some people are still stuck on there competition Quick Check. Quick Check has two locations that are extremely close to Wayne Hills. Some people prefer quick Quick Check more than Wawa.

Junior Jack Monisera, explains his love for Quick Check. 

“Wawa is great I am so glad there is one in Wayne but I am still always going to love Quick Check, there mac and cheese is always so good. I would have to say there mac and cheese is honestly better than Wawa’s.”

Some people would rather have Quick Check over Wawa, but there are some Wawa enthusiasts in Wayne Hills.

Junior Ryan Westernburg explains her reasoning for loving Wawa, saying, “It reminds me of summer, I love there coffee and everything Wawa has to offer. It brings happy memories to me, and I always walk out of Wawa with a smile on my face.”

So everyone’s opinion so far seems to be they are thankful for Wawa even if they prefer other places over Wawa… moral of the story is go to Wawa because it always hits the spot!


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About the Contributor
Chelsey Fernicola, staff writer
Chelsey Fernicola is a Junior at Wayne Hills. She is a staff writer who also does the dance team, is a varsity cheerleader, and is Maroon Aerobics captain for SDA. This is Chelsey's first year being a staff writer and she enjoys writing about school news, national news, and fashion trends!

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