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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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A Sneak Peek Into the Upcoming Spring Musical, Mean Girls!

Some of the “Mean Girls” Cast

For the first time in Wayne Hills history, our Theater Workshop will be putting on the comedic drama, Mean Girls!

Mean Girls was performed on Broadway for the first time back in 2017, but the original movie was released a while back in 2004. Over the past twenty years, the Mean Girls movie has notably been the all-time favorite of many teenagers. 

When Cady Heron, North Shore High School’s “new girl” gets mixed up with the wealthy and fabulous “Plastics,” she experiences the ups and downs of being popular in school while also trying to hold onto her humble roots. The movie is known for its fierce and provocative characters, so this year’s spring musical will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. 

The Theater Workshop chose to put on Mean Girls for several reasons, such as its esteem among young people. But, the Director of the Theater Workshop Mr. Fleissner further explained how they were searching for a story that could “feature [their] broad female talent.” With senior Gia Ciccone as Cady Heron, senior Brynn Buckley as Gretchen Wieners, junior Emma Vacca as Regina George, and sophomore Fernanda Badillo as Karen Smith, “The Plastics” who we know and love are sure to come to life. 

Additionally, characters such as Mrs. Norbury, played by Maddie Colucci; Aaron Samuels, played by Aiden Perez-Alcalde; Kevin G, played by Marconi Sente; and Principal Duvall, played by Jayden Kim, are just as quirky and hilarious in this adaptation as they are on Broadway and in the original film. 

So, what makes this adaptation different from the original Mean Girls on Broadway? The answer to that is, pretty much nothing. Despite the addition of a few songs throughout the storyline, the iconic scenes will still be acted out. Yes, Regina will still tell Gretchen to “stop trying to make fetch happen,” and Damian will still yell, “She doesn’t even go here.” 

Mr. Fleissner admitted that, for this production, the publishing company of Mean Girls allowed for some minor alterations to language. Still, though, he assured us that the bulk of the musical is “exactly as it was on Broadway.” He, Musical Director Mr. Easse, and all of the cast have worked tirelessly to make sure the characters maintain their unique humor and speak their most iconic lines aloud. 

As the show quickly approaches, the Theater Workshop is more than excited to “wow” the audience with their hysterical, bold performances. Junior Emma Vacca said that she “hopes everyone enjoys watching the show as much as [they] have enjoyed producing it.” Like Emma, Mr. Fleissner is looking forward to some “big reactions” from audience members as they watch Mean Girls come to life. 

Opening night of the spring musical is almost here, and tickets are being sold during lunch all week. They will also be sold at the door this Thursday and Friday at 7 PM, and Saturday at 2 PM and 7 PM. So, come to the auditorium ready to sing and laugh, and brace yourself for what might be one of the Wayne Hills Theater Workshop’s most iconic performances yet! 

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Stephanie Tulpan, Junior Editor
Stephanie is a junior here at Wayne Hills. She has been writing for the Patriot Press ever since her freshman year, and is currently the 2023-2024 Junior Editor. She primarily enjoys writing about school news and culture/entertainment news. She is an officer in several other clubs, including student council and French Club, and is also a member of the Wayne Hills Dance Team.

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