The Movement of Fashion becoming Art


By Alyssa Tomporowski, Staff Writer

Objectively, fashion has always been art. However, over the last decade or so, fashion has transformed into a way to make statements through art that leaves the viewers thinking. Many believe this fashion trend of making statements is a decline in style. This way of making people talk about the outfits is, in turn, spreading the movement or statement that the designer intended it to.

Lizzo 2023 Grammys look – This look might jump out to you as incohesive, the flowers representing spring might clash with the firey bright orange color of the dress. However, that’s exactly what the designer was trying to do. Pairing the coming of spring with a bright color that appears to not match jumps out and makes more of a statement than it would if the dress was in spring colors.

Doja Cat Swarovski crystal Paris fashion week – This look may be one of Doja’s most iconic. Covered head to toe in red Swarovski crystals, which took 5 hours to put on, and a red silk bustier and skirt covered in wooden beads. This look was meant to stand out and make people talk.

Bella Hadid Paris fashion week spray on dress 2022 – We’re not 100% sure what the statement in this dress was but we can’t get enough. This is something that has never been done before, it’s extremely creative and new. We hope to see similar acts on the runway, such as designers creating looks in front of the audience or other creative, new aspects.

Tayla Parx 2022 Grammy Super Mario Brothers outfit – Not every outfit that is meant to catch your attention does it in a good way. We have to wonder just what she was trying to do, it looks like it’s from party city. The statement we’re getting from this outfit is that she needs a new stylist.

Blake Lively 2022 Met Gala ‘Lady Liberty’ dress – We’ve never seen anything more American in the history of America. Blake Lively is always going to do it right. The transition from copper to green was gorgeous and we love Blake Lively, we love this dress.

Billy Porter 2019 Met Gala – Billy Porter always pulls off camp, when the theme was announced in 2019 he must’ve been jumping for joy. This look shows camp extremely well and we love camp so we love Billy Porter.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘Tax the Rich’ dress Met Gala 2021 – Ocasio-Cortez, known as AOC, was gifted this dress to wear at the Met Gala in 2021. Her ‘tax the rich’ dress is well known for making a political statement at this iconic event. However, it leaves many wondering: was this the right place to make this statement?

Joy Villa 2019 Grammys in a build-the-wall dress and MAGA purse – This look was meant to make people talk and it definitely did that. She also wore three other political dresses, a MAGA dress at the 2017 Grammys, a pro-life dress at the 2018 Grammys, and a Trump 2020 dress at the 2020 Grammys. She seems to want to grab the attention of the viewers, which is definitely done a lot for someone who no one knows. Seriously, we didn’t know her until today.

An interview with a student at Hills gives us an informed perspective of the fashion world. Denisa Zuta, a sophomore, is extremely fascinated by fashion and holds a lot of knowledge about the world of fame. Many of Zuta’s family members have jobs that work with celebrities, like being a designer or renting luxurious cars. Zuta is practically meant for fame, so how does she feel about the new fashion trends? We asked: what do you know about red carpet fashion?

“Red carpet fashion has changed over the years, in the 90s it was way more elegant, with way more solid colors, satin and silk. I think the difference now is I think designers are trying to be more flamboyant with their designs, and they’re trying to get more architectural style, the dresses are starting to look more like actual buildings than dresses. I mean there are some dresses now that I actually like because there’s more color, there’s more life, there’s more creativity to it. I definitely have a strong grasp on the 90s looks because I just like the satin look, the clean look.”

“That’s the difference between red carpet fashion because even now like the Met Gala, they changed a lot, and people are not taking the Met Gala as seriously as they did before. They’re kinda just wearing whatever they find or whatever high-end brand they can find. This kind of diminishes the whole idea of having a theme for the Met Gala because it’s such an iconic fashion event. So I think it just changed a lot throughout the years and it’s not necessarily a bad or good change, it’s just a change and I think that’s kind of what we needed but we can always take a blast from the past for most things. I don’t really have a problem with it, it’s just that I wish there was more stuff that came from the past which we’re losing now but I like it so far I don’t have a problem with it.

Do you feel like celebrities will go out of their way to stand out and make a statement with their outfits without even considering the aspect of fashion anymore?

“100%. Cara Delevigne did that with the whole ‘f the patriarchy’ stuff when she brought it to the Met Gala, Doja Cat continues to do it, Harry Styles even does it too with his really big colors and Gucci stuff he wears, even Elton John did it a lot. He wore a lot of colors, he wore a lot of feathers, and that’s what made him stand out from the rest of the singers in his time. Celebrities who want to make it big in the world are going to try their best, especially in the fashion realm, to put themselves out there especially to be different from others. It’s not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing but sometimes it doesn’t go with the trends and it doesn’t go how they think it will go. Like the new Doja Cat thing, many people were not a fan of that, I wasn’t a fan of it, it just looked terrifying. It definitely put a spotlight on her and made her like the talk of the town, so I understand how celebrities think that way it’s been around for a long time and celebrities will continue to use fashion as a thing to make them get bigger.”

The fashion world is extremely large and extremely diverse. There are millions of different designs and looks, two pieces are never the same. Fashion has changed over the last 30 years, from sleek, classy dresses to works of art, and we love it all.