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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte, and More…

Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte, and More...


Ryan, Claudia, Ang, and Jack watching Bridgerton during study hall. (Chelsey Fernicola)

When coming across the show series Bridgerton, which was inspired by the novels, and Queen Charlotte, both by Shonda Rhimes. Many people from Wayne Hills have different thoughts and opinions about each season, couples, cliff hangers and more. 

There has been three seasons that already came out, plus a spin-off show of Queen Charlotte named Queen Charlotte, which was based on her pass and how she became queen of Great Britain and Ireland. Everyone’s opinion is different depending on what you are looking for in a show.

Bella Donato, a junior at Wayne Hills states her opinion on the series Queen Charlotte,My opinion on the show is that it gave me something to watch while waiting for the next season of Bridgerton. I thought it was great but definitely not something I would rewatch a lot.”

As Bella says the show is good but definitely not something she would rewatch. Some people really enjoy the series but others would rather watch Bridgerton.

Bridgerton always has a way of surprising me in a way were I scream at the television because of what’s happening. This series always is full of surprises and clip hangers where leave us on the edge of our seats. Especially season 3.

Season three of Bridgerton has two parts of the season. Part one just came out and part two is coming out in a month. They left us off with a huge cliff hanger which includes characters Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgeton. Everyone wants to know what happened?

Junior Mikayla Sevret a Bridgerton fan and a Wayne Hills student states, 

“I believe Colin and Penelope do end up together because of the build up they have had since the very beginning.”

Back in the Victorian era people lived a completely different lifestyle then we do today. Everything was different from fashion trends and even hair styles. Bridgeton does a great job of showing us how people dressed back in the victorian era. The fashion  during the era where the series took place was very elegant with these beautiful corsets and extremely nice and expensive gowns. 

Since I am a big Bridgerton fan, I believe that Colin and Penelope will eventually end up together as a couple. Even from season one their relationship from good friends to eventually having feelings for each other is honestly one of the best ways to get together. 

Through the course of the show we go through love, hatred, and laughter but we wonder, will styles ever come back from this era?

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About the Contributor
Chelsey Fernicola
Chelsey Fernicola, staff writer
Chelsey Fernicola is a Junior at Wayne Hills. She is a staff writer who also does the dance team, is a varsity cheerleader, and is Maroon Aerobics captain for SDA. This is Chelsey's first year being a staff writer and she enjoys writing about school news, national news, and fashion trends!

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