"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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The Classes That Capture Students’ Hearts

Anya Hogan
Mrs.Piro’s Period 5 Marketing Class

As we near the end of the school year, classes feel longer, the building gets hotter, students get more moody as the days  ago on. However, the students are still pushing through the school year and getting in their last few assignments due. Let’s look back from this school year and hear from the scholars of Wayne Hills to learn what their favorite class was this year and why it was their favorite!

Elijah Diaz (Senior)

“History was my favorite class this year, Mr.Berkowitz makes it so much fun and we have a lot of good conversations in class”

Angelia Marseu (Junior)

“I really liked marketing, Mrs.Piro teaches the class and has helped me so much since I want to pursue a career in marketing. I took marketing one last year and it was fun so I decided to take marketing two this year. My favorite project we did was our Sesame Street Project. We gave a presentation to a lady who works at Sesame Street and it was a fun experience.” 

Jack Kearney (Junior)

“My favorite class this year was English with Mr. Summers, I liked it because it was a pretty easy class and I had a lot of fun”

Sydney Heltzer (Senior)

“My favorite class had to be PreCalc. I loved Ms. Martinez and I enjoyed the class because it was challenging but fun. She made us laugh a lot but still kept us on task.”

Emily Scroble (Senior)

“My favorite class was definitely Bio for Allied Health. Mrs. Schlesier is a great teacher, the class is always a good environment while also covering content in the medical field. I heard great things about the class and teacher, my favorite activities included when we watched Boston Med and when we swabbed parts of the school for a lab.” 

Julia Sandler (Junior)

“Biotechnology was my favorite class I took this year. Mrs.McGrath is one of my favorite teachers, we did really fun labs but my favorite has to be the CRISPR lab.” 


As you can see, Wayne Hills has so many great classes with great teachers and fun experiences! So underclassmen, when making your schedules for next year, do your research!

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About the Contributor
Anya Hogan
Anya Hogan is a senior at Wayne Hills. She is a staff writer, and is a first year journalism student and loves to write about pop-culture! Anya works at Anthony Francos here in Wayne. She loves to go shopping, hangout with family and friends, and napping. Anya enjoys heading down the shore in the summer and spending countless hours by the pool. If Anya could live anywhere in the world it would be Italy or Bora Bora. Anya hopes to travel the world and become a Real Estate Agent. Anya plays soccer, is a historian for SDA and a Co-lead for Relay for Life.

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