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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Blake Nisenson
Senior Isabella Turelli, so excited to wear her prom dress!!


Prom is a significant milestone and key memory in a young person’s high school career.  A prom dress embodies the role of who that person is, the confidence, and style. Everyone must have the perfect prom dress that fits best for themselves.

Choosing your perfect prom dress could take a while or it could take not even 15 seconds. It’s really up to your unique style, interest, and personality. Any dress you wear should make you feel happy and confident. The process of finding the right dress for you is different for everyone.

Several seniors here at Wayne Hills told us the color of their prom dresses. Megan Weiss says she is wearing navy and Skyler Thompson is wearing a shade of navy also but in blue. Ava Serventi and Danielle Iannelli both are wearing different shades of pink. Also, Anya Hogan and Abby Sher are wearing different shades of green as well. Amanda Kneis and Kayla Marnick are both wearing red. Sophia Bradley is wearing gold as well as Phaedra Quilter. Lastly, Stella Vasilopoulos is wearing black. 

According to Senior Jadyn Nisenson, she tells us that, “Prom is very special to everyone, I’m so excited to wear my dress. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s also.” 

Senior Sydney Heltzer explains, “I went to one store in Ridgewood, I tried on 3 dresses, and the third dress I tried on was a brown leather dress. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I immediately knew I wanted it.” 

Senior Siena Shuster said, “I shopped for weeks and I went to so many different stores and I just couldn’t find anything that I love because I thought it was all very basic, and then I found what I loved on Instagram and I ordered it from Virginia.” 

Senior Sarah Goldman said, “I asked my friends where they ordered their dresses from and a lot of them said retrofit so I hopped online and ordered myself a dress. It’s purple and it’s very beautiful.” 

Senior Isabella Turrelli states, “I went into the store tried on one dress and then I bought it. It was great, it was beautiful and it was in the wrong color so I bought it in a different color.” 

Finding a dress that flatters yourself could be very hard but once you find it and set your eyes on it could be the most special moment.

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About the Contributor
Blake Nisenson
Blake Nisenson is a junior from Wayne Hills. She is a 2 sport varsity athlete. She plays soccer and lacrosse.  She has played high school soccer and lacrosse for 3 years so far and can't wait for her last year next season. Blake is also the spirit captain for the maroon team. Her favorite fashion trends of this year are Gold hoops, Stanleys, Ugg boots, and Lululemon clothing. Blake also does extra activities like Deca, Friendship Circle, and Relay For Life. This is Blake's first year in Journalism class and she loves it! In the future, Blake wants to go into media communication so at school she likes her TV and Journalism class.    

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