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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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The Stanley Tumblers are Invading Wayne Hills

On the desk of almost every Wayne Hills High School Student lies the infamous Stanley Tumbler; but is it truly worth all of the hype?
Sophia Flower
3 of the famous Stanley Tumblers of Wayne Hills Students in Chambray (30oz) Cream (40oz) and Pink Dust (30oz).

The trending Stanley Tumbler has become a staple in the lives of people everywhere. Coming in various sizes and colors, this water bottle has taken social media by storm and influenced kids, teens, and adults to buy one.

The most commonly seen cup is the Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler, sold in both 40 ounces and 30 ounces. The Stanley is known for its thin bottom which easily fits in cup holders, while having a thicker top to hold more water. These cups come in a large range of colors from cream to rose quartz to lavender. They also feature a convenient handle and are famously known for keeping water incredibly cold. These cups allow you to drink with a straw or you can rotate the cover to drink straight out of the cup. The only downside to this seemingly perfect water bottle is the price, which ranges from $20-$60 depending on size, but most commonly being $45.

The Stanley Tumbler gained its popularity from social media, specifically TikTok, and quickly influenced teens across the nation to buy one. Soon, the Stanley was holding a variety of drinks, such as Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, and of course, water. By December of 2022, the Stanley Tumbler was on almost everyone’s holiday wishlist. #StanleyTumbler has received over 10 million views on a variety of social media platforms ranging from TikTok to Instagram. The Stanley travels all over the world, going with people to the gym or just going on a road trip. The Stanley took the internet by storm and has now landed in Wayne Hills High School.

As the Stanley lives on the desks of many Wayne Hills students, you can expect many raving reviews. Junior Angie Vera said, “The Stanley keeps my drink so cold and I love how many colors the Stanley comes in. It is super customizable.” By looking at the Stanley website, it is true that the color range is incredible and there are many accessories available to customize your water bottle.

Emily Sorrentino, who is also a junior, agreed with Angie on the quality of the Stanley Tumbler: “It keeps my water cold for such a long time and the handle is convenient.” Fans of the Stanley Tumbler seem to agree that the bottle is high quality and is therefore worth the price.

While Wayne Hills students seem to love this trending water bottle, junior Alise Pauksena pointed out the flaw of the Stanley Tumbler: “The whole point of reusable water bottles is to reuse them but with people buying new types of metal bottles every year, what is the point of them being reusable?” Some may agree that changing trends defeat the purpose of reusable water bottles, as you may only use this bottle until a new trend sparks on social media, causing you to buy a new one. If you are only looking to buy this water bottle to follow the trend, Alise suggested you instead buy a Hydrapeak: “It works well and it’s a good price, but at the end of the day I think every metal water bottle works the same”. The Hydrapeak contains similar features to the Stanley and comes to about $25 for 40 ounces, which is $20 less than the Stanley Tumbler.

Still, having the trendy and aesthetic water bottle may have some benefits, despite the cost. Junior Deanna Asmar shared that, “having the bottle motivates me to drink more water since I just like the way it looks while carrying it around.” Staying hydrated is crucial, so for some, this $45 water bottle may be worth the price if it can benefit your health.

Whether you like it or not, the Stanley Tumbler has taken over social media and has caused the company to double in profits just this year. This customizable water bottle proves to have many beneficial features and helps students and staff at Wayne Hills stay healthy and hydrated. If you are looking for a trending water bottle to keep your drink super cold, then the Stanley might be for you! While some may advise you to spend your money on something else, the Stanley Tumbler has definitely proven to make its mark on Wayne Hills High School.

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Sophia Flower
Sophia Flower, Staff Writer
Sophia Flower is a junior at Wayne Hills High School and is involved in both journalism and the Patriot Press club. She enjoys writing about entertainment and lifestyle, specifically movies and music!

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