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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Claudia Gail, The Gal That Does It All

Claudia Gail
Selfie of Claudia Gail during Chemistry class sophomore year!

Let’s talk about a Junior from Wayne Hills that has a job at Double Ai, is in school clubs, like SAAD and Glamour Gals and also a varsity cheerleader, Relay Captain and in all four dances for SDA, and on the golf team. Many people wonder who this may be? This multitasker is Claudia Gail. 

Claudia manages to spilt her hard work into everything evenly. For example, she works extra hard in school especially in her hard classes.

“The hardest class I am in is probably environmental science because they give us a lot of work to do. My favorite class is definitely English, I love reading the stories and I find it very interesting.”

After trying her best in her classes she goes to work at Double Ai, a local Chinese restaurant with a beautiful water view, she works answering all the calls with a positive attitude.

Working as a teenage girl is something most teens should experience, Claudia said. It teaches you a lesson. She explained to us that she learned the value of a dollar and how much it means to make her own money.

Despite her hard schedule, this girl is always social and has a smile on her face for all the activities she is involved in, especially cheer.

Ryan Westernburg, Claudia’s peer explains how social of a person she is.

“Claudia is very social because in all of the classes we have together, she constantly talks and gets in-trouble and then continues to talk which shows everyone that she is every sociable and no can stop her from having a smile on her face,” Ryan said.

Claudia has been cheering since second grade were she made most of her friends that she is still friends with to this day. She explains what happens behind the scenes for the varsity cheerleaders on game day.

“For me, after school for a football game I go to Starbucks right after school to get a drink, normally chai or a refresher. I come home and put my stuff all together, then head out the door for the pasta dinner. When the pasta dinner ends we go to my friend Addison’s house and we get ready there. We listen to music and sing and get super hype for the game. After the games we normally go to outback. When we win it is so fun everyone is in such a great mood, and all the cheerleaders and football players bond and it is so fun. I get the aussie cheese fries after every game and share them with my friends,  but we get extra ranch”.

Cheer showed Claudia some great things. She experienced things that most regular high schoolers wouldn’t experience. 

Claudia, Chelsey, and Kayla on the bus going back to the hotel from the JV football game against Liberty Creek.

 “My favorite memory is definitely Nashville, Tennessee sophomore year when we went away. We went to the Country hall of fame, we went line dancing, and shopping it was so much fun. We stayed at the Gaylord Hotel it was like a resort, there was so many restaurants and shops, It was such a fun bonding experience.” 

Even after all of the fun things cheer has taught Claudia, there is another activity that Claudia enjoys just as equally, SDA. The Student Dance Association is one of the biggest things at Wayne Hills in Claudia’s eyes. 

“Another one of my favorite things at Hills has to be SDA. I am on the maroon team and I am a relay captain and in all four dances. It is so much fun bounding with the girls, and a great experience. I have made so many friends from being involved in it. I would definitely recommend doing it.” 

The week of SDA is one of Claudia’s favorite things, she tells us that her favorite part of the week is when Maroon wears Maroon, and White wears White. 

“My favorite memory is maroon out day when everyone is decked out in there color, the hall ways are decorated for each side. Its genuinely like the best day of the year. It makes school so worth it. Also the first night of the show which is so dope and exiting.” 

A day of Claudia’s activities is like a normal persons week of activities. Claudia Gail: the most energetic and happy person you will ever meet.


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About the Contributor
Chelsey Fernicola
Chelsey Fernicola, staff writer
Chelsey Fernicola is a Junior at Wayne Hills. She is a staff writer who also does the dance team, is a varsity cheerleader, and is Maroon Aerobics captain for SDA. This is Chelsey's first year being a staff writer and she enjoys writing about school news, national news, and fashion trends!

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