"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Wayne Hills

A new religious club has initiated at Wayne Hills High School…

The Muslim Student Association at Wayne Hills High School officially opened its doors on May 5, 2023.

“In unity lies strength” became ingrained in the club’s development until now as it represents the club’s slogan. To kick off what they would like to refer to as a “new chapter in Wayne Hills”, a group of Muslim students came together to make this club truly remarkable.

The MSA’s current treasurer, Aycel Soultan, explained to me that “the MSA is a different kind of new. It stands out from the other clubs we have here and sparks both staff members’ and students’ interest to a greater degree!”

What sets MSA apart from all other school clubs, you might ask? That is a complex yet fundamental question.

MSA opens the door to a student’s path to spiritual self-discovery. Through my discussions with the officers of MSA, students of all backgrounds and religions are welcome at MSA. The primary goal of the club is to educate and inform the students at Hills about Islam and its teachings, including its core principles, ethics, and values. MSA demonstrates these future goals through discussions, games, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities. Tesneem Saidi, a 9th grader, claimed that MSA “makes [her] feel included,” that she “found a sense of community within the club,” and perhaps most importantly, that she “feels heard.” With inclusivity being a major goal of the MSA, the officers believe that the club will introduce students to a community where they feel acknowledged and welcomed by all.

On September 21, 2023, MSA had its first-ever club fair event this year at Hills. Students from all backgrounds signed up, received Islamic pamphlets, and learned about the club. Different topics such as women in Islam, Jesus in Islam, and the Quran were presented on the table before the students as a way to introduce the club to the school!

In MSA’s first meeting, the officers discussed their upcoming goals for this school year. The club meets twice a month on Thursdays to learn about the religion of Islam! Islamic discussions regarding the month of Ramadan, mental health and well-being, and possible fundraisers were all topics brought up during the general interest meeting that took place on September 28th. Students were well-informed that the MSA is welcoming to all students regardless of their beliefs and were excited to see what exactly the MSA had to offer. Radha Pingle, a senior at Wayne Hills, says “MSA is an amazing initiative, I think. It’s definitely different from most of the clubs at Hills but it seems like a nice way to promote inclusivity.”

The MSA officer team and members have hope for their club’s future and what it can bring to our school. Stay tuned as we continue to learn what MSA has in store for us this year!

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