"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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    What to Do for the Midnight Munchies

    What to Do for the Midnight Munchies

    You hear from a distance DINNER IS READY… You walk downstairs and realize that it looks horrible and you’re not eating dinner tonight. So you walk back upstairs to go to bed. You do your night routine, turn the lights off, jump into bed.

    Over time you sit on your phone on social media then midnight hits and you suddenly realize it hits you.

    I’M HUNGRY!!!

    Your stomach is growling with hunger. You find yourself downstairs in the kitchen pulling up a snack. Everyone wonders, Why am I hungry this late? What can I eat this late at night? You open the fridge, you pop out a drink, then you walk into the pantry and spend 5 minutes deciding what you’re even in the mood for. Do I want a salty snack like chips? Or, do I want sweets like chocolate or any type of desserts.  

    We asked several students here at Wayne Hills High School to see what their favorite types of late night snacks are and what time they crave any type of food.

    Senior, Logan Ntansah said, “French Vanilla bean ice cream from trader joes topped on a warm hot fudge brownie at usually all hours of the night but my most common time to crave this specific desert would probably be around 10-11:30 and I’m going to usually say that’s still my quickest go to desert.” 

    Junior Claudia Gail said she likes “Mcdonald’s because I get a large ranch, spicy chicken sandwich and a medium sprite usually at 12:00.”

    Some students repeatedly said they crave chips, according to Junior Keara Gayle and Sophomore Yegor Kotelnikov. 

    Goldfish was also a huge aspect in salty stacks late at night according to juniors Mikayla Severt and Julia Sandler. Julia also told us, “The quickest and easiest thing to make is putting snacks in a bowl, mac n cheese or chicken nuggets but I’m a vegetarian so I get those impossible chicken nuggets with some BBQ sauce.”

    Now from a teacher’s perspective, Ms. Scalzitti  said that cheese fries and gravy are a common food she craves around 11’ o’clock. 

    Teachers have more of a mature palate at night and want nutritious meals, while teenagers at Wayne Hills students prefer junk food and less filling meals. 




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    About the Contributor
    Blake Nisenson
    Blake Nisenson is a junior from Wayne Hills. She is a 2 sport varsity athlete. She plays soccer and lacrosse.  She has played high school soccer and lacrosse for 3 years so far and can't wait for her last year next season. Blake is also the spirit captain for the maroon team. Her favorite fashion trends of this year are Gold hoops, Stanleys, Ugg boots, and Lululemon clothing. Blake also does extra activities like Deca, Friendship Circle, and Relay For Life. This is Blake's first year in Journalism class and she loves it! In the future, Blake wants to go into media communication so at school she likes her TV and Journalism class.    

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