"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

The Patriot Press

"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

The Patriot Press

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    The Juniors Are Stuck Inside


    This time last year there was a bus that would take the juniors to Sunrise and Vinnie’s Pizzarama, but during the summer students were informed that the policy has changed for the juniors. This has affected the populations in the lunchroom and big gym. 

    We were able to talk to Mr. Gelalia who works lunch duty in the big gym.

    “We have pretty good kids here that have done a good job of taking care of the areas I’m in for lunch. During lunch duty and hopefully they can continue to do that. This is what is was like a couple years ago so WE’RE going back to normal, ” He said  the lunches rooms as going back to to normal, which you would think people would be happy with.

    But for the juniors this year, normal is juniors leaving for lunch. When they came into high school as freshman the juniors were allowed to leave. Some junior are mad and confused.

    Junior Jonnie Mongelli said, “We can’t even sit down anymore because it’s very crowded. All three years that I have been here juniors were able to leave so i think we should be able to too.” Jonnie is not the only person that feels this way.”

    Junior Darrian Kim explained, “I’m angry because all the people before were able to go and starting now, it’s kind of unfair that we aren’t allowed to go.” 

    Another junior Ang Marsu feels the same way as Jonnie and Darrian, “I dont think its fair all the other years got to go out and there’s not enough space for us to fit so it’s crowded.” 

    It’s not only the juniors that are upset about this.  Sophomore Amanda Carriere said,“With the juniors being in the commons there is no room and sometimes there’s no tables for me and my friends.” Amanda explained that by the juniors taking over the commons there’s now no room for them.

    We can see that there is a population overload in the commons especially. As well as some juniors are obviously upset about this change. So do you think juniors should be allowed out?

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