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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Wayne Hills Welcomes New History Teacher, Mr. Rohan!

Stephanie Tulpan
New Wayne Hills teacher, Mr. Rohan!

At the beginning of every school year, Wayne Hills welcomes new staff into our building with open arms. This year, we are welcoming a new addition to our social studies department: Mr. Rohan! 

Mr. Rohan has been teaching close to home for the past sixteen years, over at Anthony Wayne Middle School on the other side of town. With a college degree in education and a concentration in history, Mr. Rohan specializes in teaching history/social studies courses. At Wayne Hills, he is currently teaching Modern World History to freshmen, and United States History II to juniors. 

Having plenty of experience in both studying and teaching history, Mr. Rohan believes that it is the most important subject in school. “It isn’t just studying old dead people,” he joked. “It is learning that prior generations’ stories matter and that they went through the same difficult things we go through in life.” Not only do social studies courses educate students on why our world functions the way it does today, but Mr. Rohan believes that they also help our community build empathy through exploring the lives and struggles of people from the past. 

Mr. Rohan admitted that the transition from teaching at a middle school to now at a high school has been difficult; however, he thanks the rest of the Wayne Hills staff and social studies department for helping make the process run a little bit smoother. He said, “The building is massive and very easy to get lost in. I really don’t leave the wing that I teach in. The faculty, especially Mr. Turso, Mr. Mohan, and Ms. Logothetis has been so nice to me in helping me with my transition.” 

When it comes to his students, Mr. Rohan said that they have made his experience so far at Hills all the more better. Having taught in Wayne before, he has recently been seeing many familiar faces in both the hallways and in the classroom. One of his current students, junior Aiden Skogberg, was actually in his seventh grade social studies class in the 2019-2020 school year. Having had Mr. Rohan as a teacher two times now, Aiden vouched for his credibility: “He was–and still is–super organized and was really knowledgeable about history.” 

So far, Mr. Rohan is only pleased with his new teaching environment. Although he has gotten used to the routine of teaching at a middle school for over a decade, he said that he is “very excited to meet new people and teach new topics this year.” 

Ever since his junior year of high school, Mr. Rohan has wanted to be a teacher and help prepare the younger generations for both their educational futures as well as everyday life. The Wayne Hills community is excited to see the greatness that Mr. Rohan will bring to this school, and how he will positively impact the futures of young social studies students. 

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About the Contributor
Stephanie Tulpan
Stephanie Tulpan, Junior Editor
Stephanie is a junior here at Wayne Hills. She has been writing for the Patriot Press ever since her freshman year, and is currently the 2023-2024 Junior Editor. She primarily enjoys writing about school news and culture/entertainment news. She is an officer in several other clubs, including student council and French Club, and is also a member of the Wayne Hills Dance Team.

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  • N

    NabilNov 20, 2023 at 8:46 AM

    I liked this article because I did not know that Mr. Rohan now teaches high he used to be my 7th grade teacher. He was a really nice and understanding teacher that really put effort in the work he was making for the students.