"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

The Patriot Press

"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

The Patriot Press

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Shaken to the Core

4.8 magnitude earthquake hits New Jersey

On Friday April 5th, 2024 at 10:23 am New Jersey was left shaken from a surprising Earthquake throughout the state. Reports have shown that this 4.8 earthquake lasted a few seconds but left many people shook from this experience. The last time there was a measurable earthquake in New Jersey was August 2022 measuring at 1.7 magnitude. We were able to ask some of the students and staff at Wayne Hills what they where doing and what they felt during the earthquake: 

PE teacher, Mrs. Brown was located in the school when she felt the earthquake and stated, “I was in the hallway and it felt like a herd of students running above me.” 

Senior Matt Thompson was driving when the earthquake took place and said, “I was in my car and it felt like the road was shaking.” 

PE teacher, Mr. Dicolo was sitting in his office during the earthquake,“I thought the ceiling tiles were going to fall out of the ceiling” 

PE teacher Mrs. Curso was in the North Gym in the girls locker room  “All the windows shook it almost caved in”

Senior Dylan Deluca was also in the North Gym when he felt the earthquake,  “I was scared I was texting all of my friends, I was checking to see if they were ok.”

Senior Tala Varoqua was outside the Marketing room, “All the lockers started shaking and me and Mrs. Piro were really confused.”

Though this earthquake was scary, there was some benefits from this experience such as Shake Shack posted the headline “Our Shacks really did shake” if you spend more than $10 you will be given a free shake! We hope everyone is okay and no one was hurt during this Earthquake!

Where we were doing the Earthquake: 

“I didn’t feel anything when the earthquake happened.” – Feisal Al-Qatarneh

“I was sitting in my car when it started to shake and honestly I thought I was about to have a seizure.” – Jailyn James

“I was walking to my car during it and honestly I felt nothing” – Danielle Iannelli

“I was driving and was going over a speed bump, and did not think anything of it until I still felt like the ground was shaking once I drove over it.” – Anya Hogan

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About the Contributors
Anya Hogan
Anya Hogan is a senior at Wayne Hills. She is a staff writer, and is a first year journalism student and loves to write about pop-culture! Anya works at Anthony Francos here in Wayne. She loves to go shopping, hangout with family and friends, and napping. Anya enjoys heading down the shore in the summer and spending countless hours by the pool. If Anya could live anywhere in the world it would be Italy or Bora Bora. Anya hopes to travel the world and become a Real Estate Agent. Anya plays soccer, is a historian for SDA and a Co-lead for Relay for Life.
Jailyn Celestine James
Jailyn Celestine James, Staff Writer
Jailyn is a senior at Wayne Hills High School, she plays three sports, Field Hockey, Basketball, and Flag Football. This is her first year in the Journalism class, and she is loving it. Jailyn is an active girl that does a lot for her school. She would like to go into Sports Communications in college so her favorite classes are TV Production and Journalism. Some personal things about jailyn is, her favorite color is yellow because it reminds her of sunsets and sunrises which is her favorite time of day. Her favorite food is pasta or sushi. She would love to have a white house in the Hamptons when she's older, with lots of farm land.  
Danielle Iannelli
Danielle is a Senior at Wayne Hills High School. She is a member of the Journalism class and she loves it! She loves to find new things out and write about important topics. Danielle has been playing for Wayne Hills soccer since her freshman year and has been playing on a club team since she was little. She loves the beach, shopping, makeup, animals, and music.  Her favorite food is sushi, the color pink, and Harry Styles.  Danielle wants to major in Media and Sports Communications and will be attending Drew University to continue her soccer career.

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