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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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How Does Wayne Hills Feel About the Recent Snow Days?

Snow in Wayne New Jersey

Everyone loves having a break from school, however, many don’t enjoy it in the form of a snow day. Although students and teachers get a day off from school because of snow days, the use of them is also shortening Memorial Day weekend. This has caused some debates about whether or not students and teachers enjoy snow days.

The main reason why snow days are used is to protect students and teachers from potential dangers because of the weather. This is a clear deal-breaker for some students.

Senior Ali Ghalyan says, “I’d rather use the snow days when it’s snowing instead of saving it for Memorial Day weekend because I don’t want to die in a car crash when it’s snowing just so we have extra days off in May.”

Although some may find it more beneficial to save the days off to have an even longer break for Memorial Day weekend, some students would rather have the small break in the winter than in the spring when it’s hot.

Freshman Giulia Borchi says, “I want to use snow days now to skip school, and it’s more useful in the winter.”

Although Giulia and Ali have been enjoying their days off, others have been against them and dread the fact that they will have a shorter Memorial Day weekend.

Mr. Peischl, a business teacher at Wayne Hills says, “In a perfect world we wouldn’t have snow days and we would have all those days off on Memorial Day weekend.”

Mr. Peischl is known to have a passionate hatred for snow days. He makes it clear that he would rather have a week-long break rather than a day off in the middle of January.

According to the article, N.J. Schools Turning Unused Snow Days Into More Time Off this Spring by NJ.com, last year there was only one snow day used and it was in February. This year, in just the month of January, there have been several days off and 90-minute delays for Wayne Schools due to extreme weather such as snow and rain. This sudden change is delightful to some, and unenjoyable to others.

Some students think that having snow days now will be a more useful break for students and teachers. Others think it’s more reasonable to have a longer Memorial day weekend. It seems Wayne Hills students and teachers have a variety of opinions on whether or not snow days are enjoyable.

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