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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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Let’s Get Rowdy for Spirit Week

A week of fun and unity!

Wayne Hills Spirit Week is taking place from November 13 to the 17 of 2023. Spirit Week in Wayne Hills is always a fun and exciting time for students and staff members. As spirit week is approaching students are preparing by getting the student grade sections ready by presenting the themes for the week.

For the spirit rally, each grade is assigned a color and throughout the week, each grade gets points depending on if they dress up and participate. Leading up to the main event on Friday each day of the week has a unique theme. This year’s themes include:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: USA Day

Wednesday: Sports Day

Thursday: Western Day

Friday: Grade Colors

  • Freshman – Pink
  • Sophomores – Green
  • Juniors – Purple
  • Seniors – Orange

With each grade getting assigned a color you can buy your class shirt on community pass. Available here: https://register.capturepoint.com/reg/login.cfm?cuBIBvnClZwtomy3Erh3n%2B7brBNPXoxk9V2eh8RZkO%2BWj9UZiY3p8g%3D%3D

When asking students around the school “What is their favorite part of spirit week?” senior Jadyn Nisenson stated, “My favorite part of spirit week is dressing up everyday and seeing everyone’s outfits.” During this week students are allowed to show their patriot pride while still earning points for their grade. The grade with the most points by the end of the rally on Friday wins!

Although, spirit week is always an exciting week to get to wear unique clothes and accessories, throughout the whole week the school participates in a fundraiser called “Penny Wars.” Penny Wars is a fundraising competition where all four grades have a positive jar and a minus jar. Students can place money in either jar, while the positive jar adds points to your score. Meanwhile, your competitors can place money in your negative jar bringing down your points. In addition, we have a canned food drive where students bring in canned foods to add points to your score.

Senior class president Ava Rewick stated, “Although spirit week is super fun, I think we oftentimes overlook the purpose of it. It’s more than just dressing up, it’s about raising money and food for people in need in our community. Last year, the class of 2024 alone donated over 1,600 food cans. I hope to keep that spirit up this year and have the entire school continue to give back to our community.”

By the end of the week all your points are combined from dressing up, penny wars, canned food drive, and spirit at the rally. No matter the winner, Wayne Hills comes together to create a beautiful difference in our community.

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About the Contributor
Anya Hogan
Anya Hogan is a senior at Wayne Hills. She is a staff writer, and is a first year journalism student and loves to write about pop-culture! Anya works at Anthony Francos here in Wayne. She loves to go shopping, hangout with family and friends, and napping. Anya enjoys heading down the shore in the summer and spending countless hours by the pool. If Anya could live anywhere in the world it would be Italy or Bora Bora. Anya hopes to travel the world and become a Real Estate Agent. Anya plays soccer, is a historian for SDA and a Co-lead for Relay for Life.

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