"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

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"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

The Patriot Press

"Without an informed public, the democracy will cease to exist."

The Patriot Press

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An aMAZEing Way to Start The Year

Aiden Perez Alcalde
Chelsey Fernicola struggling to find her next class

The first day of school is a new experience for all, as everyone has to wander around the halls in order to find their new classes for the year. All new experiences come with challenges, and as of the first day of school it would be navigating through these hallways similar to that of a maze from Jumanji before the bell strikes.

The layout of Wayne Hills High school is incredibly strange, as the constructor must have taken some inspiration from geometric optical illusions. The school is full of long hallways, and once you reach the end of one, you immediately start another hallway. To add to the confusion, not many of the classes are clearly labeled, as there are only tiny numbers next to the classroom entrances. Unless you remember or are a returning member of the school, it is always a guess to know where the classroom numbers are located during the first couple of days of school.

“I wish the school’s hallways were labeled properly with room numbers, although it’s not too big an issue.” said Cameron Perez Alcalde, a new freshman to Wayne Hills. However, if you were to look, all classrooms do have room numbers, but the first few days

This school’s weird structure hasn’t only affected the students of Wayne Hills, but also some teachers and staff here.  Mrs. Alexander, a English teacher at our school,  said her first year,”I got there on time because I had to run from room 225 to 162. There was one time I was a minute late to my observation for Mrs. Venti.”

Many people here would agree that it takes time to get used to the hallways Another English teacher here, Mr. Goebelbecker, said, “I still get lost, if I’m honest. My first year, I spent a good week navigating the halls just to make sure I knew where my classrooms were. And I do that to start every year, just to make sure. It is easy to get lost though, as despite Wayne Hills’ floor plan being just a bunch of squares mushed together, there is something about the nooks and crannies that get overwhelming.”

We asked some questions to some students as well, and this is what they had to say about the hallways of Wayne Hills:

“I mean I’ve been in the building for 2 years now, so it’d be kind of hard to get lost at this point. Most of my classes are in or near rooms I’ve had classes in previously,” said London Sreepada, a senior here at Wayne Hills.

On the same matter, junior Anthony Cassara said“They are all far away and my next class is always on the other side of the school, so I gotta run a marathon every day. At least they’re all on the second floor.”

While the school might be massive and confusing to get around, this the home of us Patriots, and no matter how confused we may get to try and get to our math class, we will always have room in our hearts for Wayne Hills.



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