Advice From Your Classmates To You


Sophomores Victor Sorkin, Jack Rewick, and Luciano Garcia!

By Stephanie Tulpan, Staff Writer

Whether you’re going to be the “fresh meat” of high school or the newest graduating class, there is no shame in admitting that you can always use a wise piece of advice before entering the new school year.

The majority of the freshmen class has experienced what life is like as a Wayne Hills athlete. Current freshman Seonwook Paik, who is on both the Fencing Team and the Track and Field Team, advises incoming freshmen to participate in winter and spring sports, as opposed to those in the fall. He said, “[In the] fall, you have to adjust to all your classes, and you have to figure out how teachers operate.”

Managing school work while also being a committed athlete is not an easy task, especially for freshmen who are just beginning to adjust to the rigor of high school. Although students cannot choose which season their sport falls in, it may be helpful for those who are struggling with the adjustment to take a year off and join their desired sport the following fall season.

By the end of sophomore year, one’s high school experience is halfway done, and he or she has most likely borne the burden of missing an assignment or two and falling behind in school. Sophomore Karley Inwood vouched for this, and said, “Make sure you catch up on your school work, because it’s hard to catch up.”

Everyone knows that missing one day of high school can be like the end of the world–you might miss an important lecture, the announcement of an upcoming test date, and several assignments that need to be completed. But unfortunately, we cannot always help our absences. So, if you are absent, or if you mistakenly miss an assignment due to another reason, make sure to reach out to your teachers and classmates for the information you missed, and always stay on top of your work–school is pretty much never ending!

Once junior year rolls around, the thought of high school coming to an end really starts to settle in. Many juniors begin applying to college, and some may even decide what they might want to do for the rest of their life. But, what this also means is that their high school career is slowly coming to an end.

Abdulai St. Paul,  a current junior at Hills, explained that junior year is tough, but also priceless: “I would just tell [incoming juniors] to study very hard and keep up with their classes, and also to cherish junior year.” Junior year is filled with many responsibilities, but also tons of fun that is worth enjoying. At this point in high school, you really need to stay focused, but also remember that you do not want to rush the two years you have left.

Before you know it, senior year will be here. This is when everyone begins to worry about what comes after high school, whether it might be college, an occupation, or the unknown. But, what seniors sometimes forget is that high school will be over in the blink of an eye, and that these are some of the greatest, most classic moments they will look back on someday.

Senior Erica Cuciti advised seniors to “enjoy every moment, because there are moments of senior year that cannot be replaced.” From the fashion show to prom, the senior breakfast to the final field trip, every moment is one step closer to the end. Many students might feel like leaving high school marks the end of their childhoods, so it is important for seniors to live in the moment, take pictures, and enjoy these last moments of their childhood while they last.

While freshmen and sophomores advised their classmates to be conscientious and hard working in school, juniors and seniors stressed the importance of cherishing these four years dearly. Entering a new grade can sometimes be intimidating, but your classmates are here to give you a helping hand.