Frank Ocean’s Return to Coachella. Disappointing or Not?

A photo taken of Frank Ocean on a large screen during his show (via: The Desert Sun)

A photo taken of Frank Ocean on a large screen during his show (via: The Desert Sun)

By David Valdes, Staff Writer

Since his last official album in 2016, popular artist Frank Ocean’s fans all around the world have been “dying in anticipation” as to when his next album release will be. It has also been six years since Frank has performed live. He spent most of this time grieving the untimely and unfortunate death of his younger brother, Ryan Breaux who passed away in August of 2020 from a car accident.

Excitement arose when it was announced that Frank would be headlining the popular musical festival, Coachella. Although, now that the show has passed, fans are a little disappointed in his “headlining” performance.

The problems started a few hours before the show when it was leaked that Frank’s set was not going to be live-streamed on YouTube, which was then confirmed by YouTube via their Twitter account. This devastating news shocked many fans around the world, as only so many people are privileged enough to actually go to Coachella. After this, panic started and fans were speculating that something was bound to go wrong. They were right.

Several last-minute changes took place including the removal of an ice skating prop that was meant to be a part of the performance. This resulted in Frank coming out to perform over an hour late which also caused his set to finish early due to Coachella’s “curfew.”

Although there were things that went wrong, Frank did perform many of his fan-loved songs including Godspeed, White Ferrari, and Chanel.

“I think it was very immature showing up one hour late, though, I do forgive him because it is Frank Ocean and he is still in my heart,” said Wayne Hills sophomore Michael Kardasis. “I blame Coachella for not extending his set.”

Before the end of his show, Frank started a speech during which he said, “It’s been so long but I have missed you. I want to talk about why I’m here because it’s not because of the new album. Not that there’s not a new album or something.” This single quote sent fans into chaos trying to guess what the album might be or when it might come out. Frank then added, “But there’s not right now. No, chill chill chill. It’s not right now.” This “new” album he talks about would be his third official album since his last one, Blonde, which was released almost 7 years ago.

All that there is left to do is wait and see what Frank Ocean’s next decision is. Will there really be another album coming soon, or will he disappear into thin air like last time?