Bring it Home John B- Outer Banks Season 3 Review


Netflix poster of Outer Banks Season 3.

By Sofia Wunej, Staff Writer


Outer Banks Season 3 came out on February 23. The story follows a group of teens, called the Pogues, that live on The Cut in the Outer Banks. We follow as they try to find the main character Jonathan Booker Routledge, better known as John B, whose father has since gone missing. Along the way, the group finds a treasure, which they follow through seasons 1-3.

Season 3 starts on a desert island, where the Pogues washed ashore after the events at the end of season 2. We view the group going through their everyday island life on “Poguelandia,” spending time fishing and swimming. Things pick up when they are rescued from the island as the group is once again fighting for the treasure. As the Pogues run for their lives, Ward and Rafe are out for revenge. To add to all of this a Caribbean Don has been added to the mix, as he also fights for the treasure.

Performances from Drew Starky, who plays Rafe Cameron, and Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron were exceptional this season. Both actor and actress captured the rollercoaster of emotions their characters went through flawlessly. This is a big step for Drew Starkey who has gained more screen time as each season goes on. Madelyn Cline, one of our main characters displays the breakup experience accurately making teenage girls feel heard.

In my opinion, I think the show fell off from previous seasons. I was completely obsessed with Season 1. I think that the vibes of the show especially in the beginning were perfect making everyone hopeful and excited for the summer. Making everyone want to achieve that laid-back surfer look. But as the seasons progressed I feel as though the main point of the show trailed off. The show became more about finding the treasure, moving away from the surfer teen experience. This makes it feel like a more adult-ish Scooby Doo show.

Freshman Lana LaCorte said, “I think it was definitely not as good as it could’ve been and it was really hyped up so it was kind of a letdown.”

While the show has its downs, it has been renewed for a fourth season, which I will definitely be watching. It still is interesting, in this new season we see new relationships form and unlikely alliances between characters.

“It was good once you got to the sixth episode,” said junior Isabella Turelli. Freshman Jason Barnable agreed, saying, “It was very good and I got to see some of the characters die that I didn’t expect would. So it was an interesting turn of events.”