The Dance Team Hosts Their First Ever Senior Night!


Seniors Eva Morante, Mia Kahrar, Ava Cahn, and Mia Rivera on Senior Night!

By Stephanie Tulpan, Staff Writer

On Friday February 17 at the Boys Basketball game, Wayne Hills Dance Team seniors Ava Cahn, Mia Kahrar, Eva Morante, and Mia Rivera had their last hurrah.

To celebrate, Coach Mayo and other members of the Dance Team hung up posters on one side of the Gifford Gym. The posters said phrases like, “We love you!” and, “Thank you Captains!” each displaying pictures of the girls.

When it was time for the game to start, the Dance Team lined up in two columns in the center of the gym and got ready to cheer on the seniors as they walked through, escorted by family.

The first senior to walk through was Ava Cahn. Ava has been dancing for fifteen years and competitively for eight at Le Danse Inc. located here in Wayne. Her favorite style is Tap dancing, and one of her favorite memories from her time at Le Danse was when her solo placed first at a competition.

As a Captain of the Dance Team, she thanked her teammates for making her senior season worthwhile: “My experience as captain has been amazing and I had the best team to work with.”

Following Ava was Eva Morante. Eva has been dancing at Le Danse Inc. for the past fourteen years, and has been dancing competitively with her team for the past ten. Out of all the styles she dances, her favorite is jazz.

She appreciates all of the close bonds she has formed with her teammates, and said she will especially miss getting ready together before competitions.

Eva will always remember spending quality time with her high school dance team, especially the bus rides home from competitions.

Next up was Mia Kahrar. Mia dances at Ashley’s Academy of the Arts, also located here in Wayne, and her favorite dance style is lyrical. She has been dancing for nine years, though only dancing competitively for seven, and holds memories with her teammates close in her heart. She also admitted that she will never forget her solos placing first overall at competitions.

Though outside of her studio team, Mia adores many moments with the Wayne Hills Dance Team. She said that her favorite memory with the Dance Team was the award ceremony at their last competition of this past season, and the bus ride home that day.

Last but not least was Mia Rivera. Mia has been dancing at Ashley’s Academy of the Arts for nine years, and has been dancing competitively for seven. Over the years, she has come to love jazz dancing the most, as she “can get all fun and sassy” and entertain the judges.

A few of the most important things Mia has gotten out of dancing at Ashley’s are all of the friendships she made. She said, “I met my best friend through dance and I couldn’t imagine what my life would be if I hadn’t been a dancer.”

Mia is also a captain of the Dance Team, and said that as a result of this experience, she has learned a great deal about leadership. She takes pride in her position, and said, “I am able to show people what it is like to lead a team. I wouldn’t want to be a captain of any team other than the Patriots.”

The Wayne Hills Dance Team’s 2022-2023 season has almost come to an end, and the seniors can all agree that this experience has been nothing but wholesome and enjoyable, and they will always cherish their time as Patriot dancers.