Students Share Holiday Hauls


Graphic by Audrey Hinchman

Students shared their favorite holiday gifts.

By Audrey Hinchman, Staff Writer

It’s the time of year again where kids get spoiled and brag about their gifts. Students from Wayne Hills High School seemed to be spoiled for the holiday season and got great gifts that they loved. Although there were a variety of different things that people loved getting, it was a fun experience to listen to what they had to say about them.

What seems to be most popular shoes wise are things like platform Converse, ultra mini Uggs, knitted Uggs and Air Jordans. There are also accessories that seem to be very popular between students like Dior necklaces, Kendra Scott necklaces, Pandora earrings and Ray Bans. Cosmetics and makeup seem to be popular throughout students’ interests as well. They say their favorite things are Rare beauty blush, Dior lip oil, Sol De Janeiro cream and perfume, and Drunk Elephant products. Lastly, clothing has been a big hit from Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. Things like Nirvana sweatshirts, Black puffer vests, Lululemon leggings, and Hazel Sweatshirts. As you can see, TikTok has influenced many users to buy things like these but it was very interesting to see what students’ at Wayne Hills’ favorite gifts were.