Wayne Hills JV Football Season Comes To An End


JV Football Team pre-game at Northern Highlands High School!

By Stephanie Tulpan, Staff Writer

The Wayne Hills Junior Varsity football team started and finished the 2022 season with triumphant victories.

In the beginning of September, the team played their first game against Liberty Creek High School down in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a smooth game for the Patriots, and they returned to New Jersey having won 21-0.

At this game, sophomore running back Ethan Kim had an impressive performance gaining 200+ yards and two touchdowns for the Patriots. The other touchdown was scored by junior wide receiver Guy Giordano, and the offensive line did a great job at blocking the other team’s defensive line. The team’s first success set them up well for the rest of the season.

The team played seven games in addition to their game down in Nashville. They led a solid 4-4 record throughout the season, playing some exceptionally hard teams yet persevering nonetheless.

This perseverance was seen when the Patriots faced the Bruins of North Bergen earlier in the season. The Patriots were losing 8-0 with three minutes left in the fourth quarter and the Bruins had the mentality that they had already won the game, but the Patriots were not going down without a fight.

Sophomore defensive end and offensive tackle John Grant explained the careful play-by-play action the Patriots took in this moment: “We marched down the field and scored a touchdown with two minutes left, but we did not get the two-point conversion, so the score was 8-6. But then, we recovered an onside kick, and two plays later we were up 12-8. With one minute left, we got the two-point conversion and the final score was 14-8.”

The Patriots knew not to crack under the pressure of the game. They did play some challenging games which required focus and teamwork, though according to Grant, the Patriots did not disappoint: “We always managed to come together as a team. We had great chemistry and always came back every week working harder than the last.” One of the team’s most advantageous qualities was their ability to put in work and comeback when they were down.

The team’s tendency to get into minor alterations on the field set them back this season. Ethan Kim, the running back, admitted that there was “Lots of ‘extra curricular activity’ on the field during each game.” This cost them some yards throughout the season, though their fearless contact definitely helped them have a physical advantage over some of the other teams they played.

This past Monday, the team traveled to Allendale for their last game. They played against Northern Highlands High School, who the Varsity football team previously played on October 21st and lost to. Though, the Junior Varsity team brought their best, and took home a 12-0 victory.

There were almost no complaints about the team’s performance on Monday. They were quick, smart, and continued to rack up more and more yards on each play. Kim stated, “We ran the ball many times and hammered it straight through the line… over and over again.” The Patriots knew how to gain those yards. It is clear that at this past game, they planned strategically and were determined to take home that win to finish off the season. 

The Wayne Hills Junior Varsity football team had a pretty solid season. They had their tribulations, like recovering from a rough defeat at Wayne Valley during week four; but, in the end, they always came back positive and ready to work harder. The team is full of potential, and after some really successful moments this season, it is safe to say that they could be even more impressive next year. Great job, Patriots!