Wayne Hills Welcomes New Staff; Get to Know Them!

By Sofia Wunej and Stephanie Tulpan

Wayne Hills has welcomed many new students and staff to the building this school year. With the addition of 16 new staff members, we get to know Mr. Drozjock and Mr. Roman!

Mr. Drozjock is the athletic director here at Wayne Hills. He has been teaching for 40 years and this is his seventh year apart from the Wayne Public Schools staff. This year is Mr. Drozjock’s first year in charge of athletics at both Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley. 

When asked how he is liking WHHS, he said, “I like it; I grew up in Wayne and graduated from Wayne Hills, and I have a great coaching staff.” 

Mr. Drozjock’s message to students is: “I want them to grow as individuals and prepare them for the next stage in their life to get them ready to be positive and productive as adults. I want them to enjoy their sports and I want them to say that was the best part of being at Wayne Hills!”

Now introducing: Mr. Roman! Mr. Roman is a part of the counseling department. This is his fourteenth year specializing as a school counselor. Before counseling, he was a permanent substitute teacher, a job he did through grad school. When asked how he is liking WHHS so far, he states, “It has been great so far. The first couple of weeks have been very busy as it has been for everybody, but everyone I have met so far has been friendly and accommodating. They have been helping out with all the questions that I have, which are plenty, as I am transitioning into the new school.” 

Mr. Roman shares some advice about teaching. He expresses that “The biggest thing is that you first need to build relationships with students; it doesn’t matter how much you know as a counselor if you don’t have relationships with your students. Once you have those relationships, I think that students are a lot more forthcoming about what’s going on with them and what they are interested in or what kind of difficulties they are experiencing. So, I think once you do that it’s a lot easier to be able to help students out.”          

Mr. Drozjock as Wayne Hills’ athletic director and Mr. Roman as a school guidance counselor excited for the new school year. This transition is difficult, they both admit, but Wayne Hills welcoming them with open arms has put them off to a great start!

Mr. Roman a guidance counselor at WHHS in his office!
Mr. Drozjock, athletic director at WHHS and WVHS, courtesy of Tap into Wayne!