New Sidewalk Built Across From Wayne Hills 


new sidewalk on Berdan Avenue (courtesy of TAPintoWayne)

By Stephanie Tulpan and Sofia Wunej

Wayne Township implemented a new safety plan for Wayne Hills High School students this school year: a sidewalk  that students could use to safely walk to lunch during the school day. 

Last year, students walking to lunch became a serious concern. Eleventh and twelfth grade students would be allowed to leave campus during the lunch block; many of these students would go to the shopping center across from Wayne Hills. Those without cars ended up running across Berdan Avenue in the way of moving vehicles, which the district recognized as too risky and dangerous. 

This past summer, the district’s new plan went into place. The district hired a crossing guard for lunch at Wayne Hills, and began building the new sidewalk across the street. The initiative was that students could safely cross the street, and then use the new sidewalk to make their way to the shopping center across from the school. 

Wayne Hills students find the new sidewalk to be a big help. According to Wayne Hills junior, Mary Puglisi, “The sidewalk is more convenient and safe.” Not only does the sidewalk give students a clear pathway to walk on, but it also keeps them from crossing the street in the way of moving vehicles. 

However, some students don’t think the sidewalk is always beneficial. Wayne Hills junior, Tala Basmouk says, “I think it’s pretty safe as long as students are using it properly.” In order to keep everyone safe, students are expected to use the crosswalk, listen to the crossing guard, and walk only on the sidewalk. If students can abide by these simple rules, the new plan will be a success. 

So far, the new sidewalk has been a great implementation. The district is looking forward to continuing to see students using the crosswalk and sidewalk during lunch, and is especially relieved that the safety of Wayne Hills students is now ensured.