Are Pajamas Fashionable or Lazy?

By Camilo Sanchez and Badr Kwaik

With the temperatures going down, students are wearing warmer clothes to school. Waking up in the morning and finding the appropriate attire for both style and comfort can be a major struggle for a lot of students. In regards to pants, most students wear sweatpants or jeans, while others go a more untraditional route and wear pajama pants.  This decision to wear sleeping garments to school is frowned upon by many adults, however, students see it as a way to show up to school in the most comfortable way possible. 

Most students agree that pajamas are acceptable to wear to school and may even be a better alternative than other pants.

Wayne Hills Senior Nick Altobello said, “I think it’s fine to wear and are very comfortable. Pajama pants are loose yet warm so you can wear them in cold and warm weather.” As well as being comfortable, pajama pants are very versatile as Nick stated. On days where temperatures might vary severely, pajama pants might be a good option.

Students also agree that wearing pajamas could be fashionable. Wayne Hills Senior Daniel Turcan said, “It’s really comfortable and I’m actually planning on doing it sometime this week. There is no better match than pajamas and a hoodie.” Pajama pants come in a wide variety of designs, whereas sweatpants do not.

On the contrary, some teachers stress that wearing pajama pants to school may give students a negative attitude about how to treat school. Since people associate pajamas with sleep, wearing them to school could lead students to feel more lazy and tired and lose a sense of energy to learn for the day. Additionally, some adults say it is unprofessional to wear pajamas to school and that when they eventually start working they will not be able to wear those pants to work.

Finally, it is becoming more socially acceptable these days to wear whatever you desire to school. More and more students are starting to wear pajama pants as we enter the colder months. A considerable number of students think that it is suitable for students to wear pajamas as it provides comfort and warmth.