Zooming Thru Music Performs For STARS Students


By Eunho Jung, Assistant Junior Editor

Just like the millions of other teenagers during COVID-19, Sophia Kim, a sophomore at Wayne Hills High School, was isolated from friends during quarantine in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While also participating in the widespread trends of making banana bread and whipped coffee, Sophia utilized her free time to channel her creativity into the creation of Zooming Thru Music.

With a talented piano player as a mother, there was no question whether Sophia would play piano as well. From a young age, Sophia has mastered the beautiful works of Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. This background in music was Sophia’s ultimate drive towards creating Zooming Thru Music.

Zooming Thru Music is a group of young musicians that perform for communities all over the East Coast. Most specifically, communities and groups that are under social isolation and quarantine.

Most recently, Zooming Thru Music performed for the Wayne Hills STARS Students. Wayne Hills freshman Aadhithyaram Balaji, sophomores Amy Hecht and Elizabeth Grant, as well as junior Jaein Han, joined Sophia to perform for the STARS community. Joined by these Hills students were young musicians from Virginia and Connecticut as well.

Using Google Meet, the young musicians performed (song) with a variety of instruments such as the piano, violin, trumpet, harp, and clarinet. Vocalists also sang along. Sophia played an arrangement of Beauty and the Beast for piano and voice with her little sister. Elizabeth Grant performed “Home” from Beauty and the Beast musical. Eunice Park (a student from Virginia) played a Haydn Sonata. Sophia and Irene Hwang performed the Entertainer by Scott Joplin. Ariana Aray performed “Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book. Aadhithyaram Balaji performed a piano arrangement of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Katherine Wang (a student from Connecticut) sang a song she made herself called “Sweet Home.”

Not only did Zooming Thru Music perform for the Wayne Hills High School STARS students, but they also performed for the Anthony Wayne Middle School STARS students. The 20+ young musicians also perform in nursing homes and hospitals to provide joy and music to vulnerable communities.

Sophia shared what the overall goal was behind starting this organization. “Our goal is really to perform for anyone in social isolation or someone particularly struck hard by quarantine.”

Alex Schmitt, a junior at Wayne Hills High School and a mentor to the STARS students, shared what she thought of the performance. “The musicians were so talented. I really enjoyed a girl playing the harp. I’ve never seen someone actually play that instrument. It was really cool.” When asked if she thought the students enjoyed the performance, Schmitt said “the students were so mesmerized by the music. I saw some of them dancing and clapping their hands to the music. I know they absolutely loved it.”

It is amazing to see how music can bring communities together, especially during difficult times.