Seniors Dive Head First into Clothing Market


By Victoria Balduzzi and Bella Ishak

Being a teen entrepreneur is difficult, but seniors Jared Shiffman and Matt Veret have proved that it is possible with the help of family and an amazing team.

The First Clothing Company site launched on December 20th, 2018, with Shiffman as CEO and Verret as Manager of Operations. They are working with their friends and many others to run a clothing company focused on being a leader, standing out, and embracing our differences.

First was launched on Instagram on November 4th, 2018, almost a month before the first drop.

They have had many releases such as t-shirts, hoodies, and backpacks, and they hope to expand and make great items for all. The next release will be the 2019 Spring/Summer Collection that will be released on the May 1st, and preorders are available April 10th.

“Our brand is definitely different. First is run by a group of teams who have relationships with manufacturers to get our clothes and we print, ship, take inventory. Not something all teams can do. Not to mention our clothes is some of the softest and most comfortable clothes out there with simple designs.” Shiffman explains that First is a company focused on relationships and productivity while still having fun.

First Clothing Co. began as “just an idea of wearing our own clothes.” Shiffman explains that they wanted something different than what everyone else wears every day.

The brand hopes to expand in the future and open a pop-up shop for the clothing. They want to gather a larger team to split up the work efficiently.

“Sales are constant and only growing from where we started,” Shiffman said. “Ideas for all of our drops are thought out with the team. We plan on doing more graphics and better designs for future pieces.”

Most students at Wayne Hills find First very cool. Verret says, “We have noticed many students, not just at Hills, wearing our clothing and really showing it off which is cool to see.”

“I think it’s really cool to see someone in our grade create their own company and be successful in the business world even at a senior level,” said senior Amanda Rossi.

Shiffman will be attending Kean University and Verret will be attending Stockton University for the Fall 2019 semester.