SDA’s ‘A Night at the Library’ Has Come to an End


By Victoria Balduzzi and Lily Waterman

SDA is a well-known event throughout the community, and whether you are for Maroon or White you gather for three nights to watch a great show. But what you do not see is what goes on behind the scenes and the hard work that goes into making every dance perfect.

Maroon and White both have aerobics, jazz, tap, and pom dances that compete to place in the overall top 3 dances. This year’s theme was “A Night in the Library,” so all the dances were based around a book/book series. Maroon’s themes were “Arabian Nights” for Jazz, “Pinkalicious” for Pom, “Pinocchio” for Tap, and “Harry Potter” for Aero. Over on the White team, the themes were “The Jungle Book” for Pom, “The Wizard of Oz” for Tap, “The Hunger Games” for Aero, and “It” for Jazz. Olivia Alboer was Maroon’s overall and Sophia Kelly was White’s.

In the end, the Maroon team swept by getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, with Jazz as first, Tap as second, and Aerobics as third. The best Maroon solo went also to Maroon Jazz’s “Arabian Nights”, the best White solo went to White Aero’s “Hunger Games”. The best costumes award went to Maroon Tap’s “Pinocchio”, and the best music and best song as “Me too” went to Maroon Pom’s Pinkilicious. The Best Poster went to White Tap’s “The Wizard of Oz”.

Senior White Tap Captain Morgan Ritesma said, “I’m really proud of all of what we have accomplished. All of these girls have put their heart and soul into every day, and it really shows. It’s sad to lose, but we now have all built bonds that will last forever.”

Maroon Jazz Captain, Faythe Way, commented after the show, “I am just so in shock right now. I am very proud of my whole team and especially the girls in my dance. I can’t believe we swept and I am honestly so excited to start next year’s SDA.”

Maroon Overall Olivia Alboher is a professional dancer who came to Wayne Hills her Sophomore year. She has been participating ever since she arrived in 2017. Her team has won the past 2 years and she was pleased to leave this year’s SDA with another victory under her belt.

White Overall Sophia Kelly has been in SDA since her Freshman year and earned her spot as overall her Senior year. Sophia may not be a professional dancer but the heart and soul that she puts into everything is something no one will ever be able to take away from her.

Senior Matthew Verret, a member of the White Team, said, “We may not have won, but we are family and no matter what we will always win together and lose together. I think that’s important for us all to remember.” 

Now the SDA Officers will begin preparing for next years SDA season. Try-outs for overalls and captains will be sometime in the spring.

SDA advisor Tamera Conforth, said,“We are still not finished with this years season. But we are taking the seniors, captains, and officers to the city to see a professional Broadway show. And then we will start tryouts for officer positions, captains and overalls in early June.”

Seniors are sad to say their goodbyes to SDA but are excited to pass traditions down to underclassmen. SDA 2019 has sure come to an end.