Shane Dawson Releases New 2 Part Conspiracy Theories Documentary


By Victoria Balduzzi and Bella Ishak

The highly anticipated series from Shane Dawson has been released and fans are going crazy.

The first episode of the Conspiracy Theory series was released on January 30. Part 2 was just released on February 11.

The two-part series consists of Youtube Star, Shane Dawson, exploring the world of iPhone conspiracies, Deep Fakes, and the California Woosley Fires.

As of February 19, the two-part series has gained a total of 55 million views over a 2 week period.

The first episode showcases the many unknown facts about Deep Fakes, the online app that places someone else’s face on another’s body, and how they can cause international wars. He states that they can cause Nuclear Wars with Korea.  He also talks about the dangers of iPhones and how the phone is always listening.

“FakeApp analyzes thousands of still images of somebody’s face and then it uses that to data to create a digital mask that can be placed over a pre-existing face,“ says Dawson, who then continues to explore the dangers Deep Fakes can have if given to the wrong people.

“I have been a fan of Shane for a while now, and the new series is just so good. I was very excited when the trailer dropped and I’m happy it got such a positive response,” Junior Nicole Collins.

The second episode dives into the world of online dating, voice recognition, and Chuck E. Cheese, which is probably the one that got most fans spooked.

Chuck E. Cheese is a notorious spot for pizza and fun, Shane dives into the mysteries of their pizza. He shows viewers that each slice of pizza is a different size and continues to say that this is a very well-known conspiracy.

The theory is that Chuck E. Cheese will reuse pizza that customers do not eat. They will take the leftover pizza, fit pieces together to make a pie, and reheat it and then serve to guests. Shane tests this theory by going to Chuck E. Cheese. When the pizza comes out, none of the slices are the same, this caused many fans to question the service Chuck E. Cheese provides.

Chuck E. Cheese has denied all accusations but many fans still believe what they saw throughout the second episode.

The theories discussed in Shane’s series are just theories but many fans loved the investigative side of Shane and would love to see more in the future.