Pets for Less Stress


By Alison Har and Nedeen Khashashina

The WHHS counseling department is planning a “Pets for Less Stress” day for Wellness Wednesday, January 9, 2019, from periods 5-7 in the band room. The event is intended to relieve stress from students and relax them while in school.

Student stress is very common during the school years and sometimes, students need a mental break. Being with pets is a great way to calm students down and gives them a short getaway from academic pressure. Popularily, pets make others feel happy, comfortable, and hopeful of things getting better.

“With it being the first wellness of the New Year, we want students to be mindful and be present with the surroundings that are right in front of them,” asserted Kelly Venezia, guidance counselor.  In fact, a survey about what students think would help relieve stress showed a majority of students voting for therapy dogs.

“I think therapy dogs are helpful because dogs are cute and cute things make people happy,” expressed Junior Maya Rifai.

“Pet therapy dogs are definitely helpful. They help calm down the patient so they can easily participate in therapy,” commented Junior Alex Vallarta. 

Pet therapy dogs are extremely helpful in relaxing students down by relieving them from their overwhelming stress in-and-out of school.