Learning Express Closing


By Victoria Balduzzi and Bella Ishak

The Learning Express located in Preakness Shopping Center in Wayne has gone out of business.

The owners of the location sent out an email and posted on their facebook page on Christmas night confirming the close. The statement states “We have been facing a major shift in our business and market over the past few years. The face of retail has changed, with growing e-commerce options – shifting customer preferences away from the traditional model and services we offer.”

The location opened in 2012 and has since been a well-known business in town. The owners would always greet customers with a smile and know exactly what toy would best suit a child.

Senior Morgan Ritesma said, “I am saddened by the closing because it shows how Amazon has taken over the small businesses.”

The Wayne community and beyond is saddened by the closing of a store that proved so helpful in the Christmas seasons. Learning Express was a store many parents loved taking their children to the store and shopping there, especially for gifts for Christmas or for a birthday party.

The Montclair and Verona locations will remain open.