The Breakdown of Miss Universe


Catriona Gray after crowned as Miss Universe

Catriona Gray, who represented her country the Philippines, was crowned Miss Universe on December 16th.

Miss South Africa placed the first runner-up and Miss Venezuela placed second runner-up. The competition first announced their top 20 contestants from around the world: five from Asia/Pacific, five from Europe, five from the Americas, and five wildcards.

94 countries competed in the Miss Universe pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand. The competition was hosted by comedian Steve Harvey and commentated by supermodel Ashley Graham, television personality Carson Kressley, and coach Lu Sierra. Ne-yo performed during the event.

Miss Philippines was praised by impressed supermodels for her “lava walk.” She expressed her grace and beauty to the audience and judges by wearing a red, fire-like long dress, which made her stand out from the other top five during the formal dress round.

This year’s Miss Universe pageant was a roller coaster of emotions for many of the contestants and fans. From racist comments to the first trans contestant in the history of the pageant, Miss Spain, the pageant was very special.

After the video of Miss USA making racist remarks towards Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia’s inability to speak fluent English went viral, she was faced with a lot of hate from various social media outlets.

“I think that Miss USA’s remarks towards Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam were racist and uncalled for,” stated junior Aseel Dabour.

Contrasting from the racist aspect of the pageant, the more inspiring and emotional process of Miss Spain competing in the pageant as the first transgender was a major highlight of the event.

“I think it is interesting that Miss Spain is the first transgender woman to ever compete in the pageant,” said junior Jada Daniels.

The pageant was an overall enjoyable experience that people all around the world viewed especially for Miss Philippines, who worked hard every day and was able to earn a win for her country.