A Star is Born Comes to Local Movie Theatres

A Star is Born Comes to Local Movie Theatres

By Victoria Balduzzi and Bella Ishak

Lady Gaga made her acting debut in the film A Star Is Born featuring her co-star Bradley Cooper, who is well known in the Hollywood spectrum.

In its opening weekend, the movie earned $43 million in box office sales, 70 percent of the overall total beating out

Jackson Maine, played by Cooper, is a struggling performer who is dealing with his own mental health issues when Ally, played by Lady Gaga, comes into the picture. She helps him deal with his struggles.

Jackson helps Ally become the star she’s always wanted to be.  As the story plays on, they become each others’ love interest.

“I heard on the radio today that people were saying that they made a really great pair for the story,” said WHHS teacher, Christina Caamano when asked what she thought about Gaga and Cooper working as co-stars.

“I think that the movie will do really well in sales because Lady Gaga’s fans will go not even for the movie, just to see her act,” said a WHHS senior, Francesca Zampella.

The Gaga-Cooper version of A Star is Born is the third time the movie has been re-made.  The storyline centers on a star on his way down while his counterpart is on her way up!