Introducing Wellness Wednesdays and Weekends


By Victoria Balduzzi and Bella Ishak

Wayne Schools has announced a Wellness Wednesdays and Wellness Weekends initiative to relieve students’ stress.

Wellness Wednesdays are to be held once every two weeks during lunch periods. During those times students will have the opportunity to participate in activities, relax and distress.

Wellness Weekends will be initiated for three weekends out of the whole school year. During these weekends, teachers are not allowed to give any assignments or homework. They are also not allowed to give any major exams the next week. The first one to be held sometime in October.

“I think wellness weekends are a great idea. They can encourage people to spend more time with their family and increase moral around the school,” said Amanda Rossi, A WHHS Senior. 

“I think they are a good idea but we may need more than 3 weekends during the year. The gap between January and May is large and students may need another weekend,” said Morgan Ritsema, A WHHS Senior. 

“We hope this goal will lead to healthier students, employees, and families,”said Mark Toback, the Superintendent of Schools in an email to parents.

One of the many goals for the Board of Education this year is wellness. Students are put under mounds of stress every school year.