Clubs Offer Something for Everyone

By Alison Har, Luke Kaplan, and Yulieanna Sim

With all the different opportunities and activities that happen daily, you may not be aware of all the many fun clubs that Wayne Hills has to offer. With over 30 clubs available, this diverse group of pastimes are sure to satisfy your interests and develop your character.

For students that may have a future in the science field, Science League may be the club for you! Once a month, “students are competing academically with other people in New Jersey,” says advisor Linda Bakelmun. Furthermore, Mannut Singh sophomore encourages students to join because “there is usually food and drinks when taking the test” and that “Science League looks great on college resumes.”

For those looking for new ways of entertainment, improv and photo club might fulfill your creative needs. “We play improv games…even if you’re not that into acting, they work on sort of thinking on your feet and being engaged with other people.. So we just meet and have fun” Joseph Fleissner, advisor of the improv club states when asked about his club.

Improv club focuses on getting to relieve stress while also getting to build communication skills with fellow peers, all at your own speed since a you do not have to play (act) in a meeting if they prefer not to. However, coming from the students that do participate in the improv games, it is something they take pleasure in, as it can be very entertaining. Kendra Levendusky talked about how acting different characters everytime, not only improved her acting skills but was a fun experience. Both of those reasons, led her to come back to meetings, time after time.

On the other hand, photo club is more independent as you refine your photography skills by taking pictures inside and outside of school but also get assistance to perfect them by the advisor, Pam Stomel and fellow students in the club. “We get, I don’t want to say projects because that’s not what they are, but like assignments where we need to take photos of a certain topic but it really is all just for fun.” Sophomore, Kaitlyn Anevski said when asked what students do in photo club. Photo club is more inclined to people who want to learn how to take good pictures but also people who just want something fun and calming to do after school.

Students who have a passion for theatre should think about joining drama theatre arts. This club covers all the positions of school shows. If you are interested in setting up the stage, you would be aiming towards the backstage crew who works behind the show. How well the show goes depends on you! For the actors, you would be the great attraction of the shows. “If a student is interested in audio and lights, you should join this club. Setting up a play is a helpful skill to know for people who want to go into the drama theatre field in the future” Taylor Berkowitz, former advisor of drama theatre arts club says when asked why kids should join.“People can build values of good will and service as stage workers.”

Becoming fluent in another language is a great life skill to have. One of the clubs that provides the practice of becoming bilingual and teachings of an interesting culture is French club! “I think it really enhances the college application and gives students opportunity to achieve high level knowledge on a world language,” Linda Greenberg says when asked the benefits of joining French club. She goes on to say, “The more languages you know, the more you can connect to different people.”

Additionally, members of the Drama Theatre Arts program can let their unique voices be heard on the morning announcements. The advisor, Donna Del Moro, says that anyone “who is interested in becoming an announcer or someone who is theatrically inclined” generally tries out for the club.  During the weeks of September 24-October 15, 13 students are vying for five openings on the team.

Kaushik Tallam, a proud member of the program, loves how “it builds your confidence as you’re speaking over the loudspeaker.”