Students React to Kendrick’s Pulitzer Win

Students React to Kendrick’s Pulitzer Win

By Victoria Balduzzi, Andrew Gerard, and Bella Ishak

“I’m so… tired of the Photoshop show me somethin’ natural like an afro on Richard Pryor

Show me somethin’ natural like… some stretch marks.”

This is a lyric in Kenrick Lamar’s song Humble. Lamar explains the importance of being real and not conforming to society.

Based on songs like these and the music that they accompany, Kendrick Lamar was awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in April of this year.

He was recognized for his contribution to the music industry and his accomplishments. It was the first time the Pulitzer was awarded to a non – classical or jazz musician.

“It’s great to see other genres of music winning because there’s only been classical and jazz,” said Robert Hittinger, a WHHS teacher, when asked what he thought of Lamar’s win.

“Kendrick Lamar has management teams writing his songs and doing his work and he doesn’t do anything so I don’t understand why he would win,” Luca Varano, a WHHS junior said when asked what artist should’ve won, he said “Anybody but Kendrick Lamar.”

“I enjoy listening to his music, I was unaware of his win but I’m glad that he got recognized for his accomplishments,” said Christopher Balduzzi, a WHHS freshman, said.

The Pulitzer Prize is a prize that is awarded to recognize someone for their achievement in journalism, literature or music.