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What is the Life of a Freshman Athlete?

By Hanna Qira, Staff Writer

April 5, 2017

When eighth graders make the transition from middle school, it is not always easy. Students have to find a way to balance their academic, social, and athletic life in a way that they never have before. High school demands are...

A Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar

March 23, 2017

WHHS Bowling Season 2016-2017

By Nicole Joachim and Jack Woodard

December 21, 2016

  The WHHS Boys Bowling team is off to a fast start in the 2016-17 season. The Patriots opened the season against cross-town rivals Wayne Valley. This match was highly anticipated. Not only is it the first of the season,...

WHHS Version of Earnest Earns Exceptional Reviews

By Nicole Joachim, Staff Writer

December 6, 2016

This year's adaptation of  The Importance Of Being Earnest was incredible and fascinating. The WHHS drama department opened up December with the play, The Importance of Being Earnest on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The play is set during the...

Popular Books Among the WHHS Students

By Natalia Aliotta, Staff Writer

November 30, 2016

As said by almost every librarian, books are a window to another world. Knowing this, students at WHHS enjoy reading during their free time to escape to an imaginative place where basically anything is possible. Even though everyone has ...

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