Phys Ed Warm-Up Routine: Students Offer Mixed Reviews


By Michael Joyce and Justin Vorabouth

Normally in the past, Physical Education class went by quickly. Students changed into suitable clothing, and students began their assigned activities right away.   This year, major changes were made to gym classes.

At the beginning of the period, everyone in all classes assembles in the main gym to go through a full static and dynamic warm-up. The reasoning behind it is valid. However, not all students feel that it is ideal for their classes. 

Physical Education teacher Claudio Canonaco pointed out the benefits of devoting time to warming up before activity.   

“Why do we have warm-ups before football practice?” Canonaco asked.  “It is good to warm-up your body and muscles before exercising anyway,” he adds.

Canonaco said warming up and stretching also prevents athletes from straining a muscle during a workout.

Students offered their opinions on the extended warm-up activities. While they appreciate the efforts to warm up, they feel that it robs them of adequate time to participate in the activities the classes offer. 

“I am not a big fan of the gym warm-ups, but the stretches do help me,” said Nate Beyene, a senior athlete. “They do get you ready for better performance, even if it is just gym class. Being loose is a great way to wake up as well.”

Chris Brutofsky, a junior football player, countered Beyene with regard to the warm-ups.  “They are unnecessary,” he said.  “Too much working out, and stretching everything feels like wasted time. I understand stretching, but this is too much.”

Not every student feels that way, as a different senior Zen Kochanowsky gave some new thoughts. “I get warmed up every day so it feels good on my body, but I think it’s a little bit of a waste of time”. The new gym periods overall definitely have mixed opinions from our students.