WHTV Sports Talk-Show: Draft Review


By Isaiah Ahumada, staff writer

WHTV talk show was a success, follow up coming soon. Publication of the Show will be from Monday to Thursday, depending on whether the product is finished.

On Thursday, April 25th, WHTV uploaded a Sports talk-show special on the NFL Draft. The video drew in 197 as of last week. It has surpassed its last year predecessor, the 2018 draft talk show, which stands at 164 as of now. With the news of success, another talk show is in production. This time it will be an NFL draft review, following up the NFL draft preview.

Once again it will be split into 3 different segments. First off the bat, is the Arizona Cardinal decision to take Kyler Murray and trade QB, Josh Rosen, to the Miami Dolphins. Then will transition to the New York Jets draft picks. Deciding if their decision to take Quinnen Williams instead of Josh Allen was the right move. Then Finally the New York Giants. Was the Giants decision to take a QB with the sixth pick a good move or a bad one? What did the Giants do with the rest of their draft picks? All those questions will be answered.

Students and teachers will be interviewed again. Previously students and teachers were interviewed such as Charles Njoku, Nick Lucarello, and Mr. Canonaco. The show will feature new faces and different opinions.

Lastly, the second half of the show will end with Luca Yanuzzi and Jason Pohl. They will debate the best and worst picks of the draft, as well as draft sleepers and steals. They will have their own set of student and teacher interviews relating to their topics.

Avery Torres says “The First one was great and interesting. I’m Looking forward to what they have to say now”

Matthew Mangibin says ” I’m Looking forward to watching the student interviews”