Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball Tournament

By Isaiah Ahumada, staff writer

Compete in Wayne Hills High School Dodgeball Tournament this week on Thursday, May 16th at 6 pm.

It’s the 12th Annual Dodgeball tournament. Fill out forms to join. Create a super team of the greatest players or become an underdog, create your own Cinderella story.

Students are allowed to form a team of six with an alternate member. Teachers can be included and all grade levels are eligible. Teams can’t be all female or all male, must be diverse. Team names are allowed, but school appropriate. Teams can create their own uniforms. There is a maximum limit of 32 teams that can join.

Six dollars per person and  fee must be paid. Must return in a sealed envelope. Teachers may also assemble a team of their own. Teachers allowed to have an all teachers-only team.

A meeting will be held at 5:45 on May 16th. At least one member of each team should be present in the auditorium. The meeting is to explain the rules and guidelines of the game.

If you are not participating, there is still a chance that you could watch. Tickets will be sold day of, at the entrance of the school. Three dollars per person.

Mr. Turso stated, “The tournament is made be the student council. The benefit is to raise money and donate it to the school’s food pantry.” In addition he revealed, ” The team that wins gets a trophy as their prize. An award also goes out to the team with the best outfit.”

According to Mr. Turso, many people have not signed up. There is still spots available. To join you must collect a registration packet in the main office or print one on the school website. Then return it to Mr. Turso or Ms. Saborido by May 15th. Prize awarded to the winner. Sportsmanship is necessary.