Selfless, Committed, Together: Wayne Hills Girls Soccer

The Wayne Hills Girls Soccer team had themselves a successful season with a final record of 10-7-2.

The first highlight of their season was on September 14th, when the girls defeated Wayne Valley 2-1. Although they did not end up winning their league, Coach Rehberger led the Patriots through many tough games while exceeding expectations along the way.

In the Passaic County semi-finals, the girls achieved a 1-0 win against DePaul, another opponent who posed a threat to Hills.

“It was so exciting and it felt really great to contribute and be a part of helping this team,” said Marisa Cuciti, who scored the winning goal against DePaul in overtime. Being a first-year varsity player, it was a true accomplishment to “win a big game against a quality opponent.”

The girls went on to tie Lakeland in the county finals on October 28th, meaning that the two teams became “co-champions.” The Patriots had lost to Lakeland twice before this match-up and played with a new desire to win. The Lancers controlled possession in the first half and Wayne Hills had many offensive opportunities, but both teams failed to score after 100 minutes of play.

The girls soccer team played their last game against Montville in the State tournament where they, unfortunately lost 1-0 in yet another overtime game. Although the girls are upset at the season’s end, many are excited for the year ahead.

Marisa Cuciti commented, “I am optimistic about how the team will do next year. We have a lot of good players in our program, and I think that if we continue working together as a team and working hard, we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to.”