Bored? Ways to Keep Busy While You’re Stuck at Home


By Afi Ibragimov and Laura Lassen

Since we’re going to be quarantined for a while with the closing of Hills and the switch to online learning, here is a noteworthy list of things to keep you occupied and prevent you from losing your sanity. After all your homework and scholarly responsibilities are completed, there are multiple ways to entertain yourself and your family. 

Making a routine can greatly help you adjust to distance learning and being quarantined.

  1. Stuck inside? No, you’re not, go outside and get some fresh air! As the weather gets warmer out, there’s no excuse to stay inside. Go out for a walk with your family, walk your dog, or play a sport with your sibling! Staying active right now is a priority according to many health officials. Exercising can greatly boost your immune system and overall make you feel better. So next time you feel antsy from being inside all day, go for a run!
    1. But, that being said, stay SIX FEET AWAY from all people. Your priority is to stay safe so although you should be going outside, make sure to distance yourself from people.
  2. Get your whole family involved with a board game or a game of charades.
  3. Call or FaceTime your friends that you haven’t talked to for a while!
  4. Think back to a time when you really wanted to do something but were too busy with schoolwork and sports to do it. Pick up that guitar and learn how to play. Paint that self-portrait that you’ve always wanted to do. Learn how to sew!
  5. Binge watch some new shows and movies! Click here for a list of every new movie and TV show that was released on Netflix this month.
  6. Read a book.
  7. Check out some new bands.
  8. Clean and/or reorganize your room.

“I’ve been cooking and baking for my family this week, and it’s really fun!” said senior Justine DeNicola. “It helps me keep my mind off all of the crazy stuff that has been going on lately.”

Senior Alyssa Miller said, “I have been trying to stay as busy as possible to avoid losing motivation. I try to keep a schedule especially with my schoolwork so I can maintain somewhat of a routine with online schooling.”

“If it were not for the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I would have lost my sanity by now,” said senior Emily Brown. “I have been playing it all week.”

The point is, there are a lot of things to keep yourself occupied and stimulated during this tumultuous time.

Go outside, breathe the fresh air, and take it easy.