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Administration concerned about hit show “13 Reasons Why”

By Allie Allen and Tessa Palumbo

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Spoiler Alert!!!

The hit Netlfix series 13 Reason Why has been the talk of the town. Kids from grades 6th- to 12th have been watching the series. The show 13 Reasons Why is a story told about a young girl, Hannah Baker who leaves 13 tapes when she commits suicide. Each tape is directed towards a person who led her to take her own life. The tapes get passed around to the 13 people, and eventually get back to her parents in the end. Each episode is based on each tape, and shows what that person did to the main character. As the series goes on the show gets very graphic which has concerned our school district and parents.

Each principal in town has sent out an email to every parent to warn them about the graphic content in the show and to make sure they are monitoring their child/children if they are watching it.

  “The series has been accessed by middle school and high school students in our district. We highly recommend that you monitor the viewing of this series, if indeed you child has access to it, ” said Principal Michael Rewick in a letter to parents.

 Grace Skiba (junior) here at Wayne Hills, had some thoughts about the email that was sent out. “I believe that anyone should watch the series, it was a really big eye-opener for me.”

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The student news site of Wayne Hills High School
Administration concerned about hit show “13 Reasons Why”