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What is the Life of a Freshman Athlete?

By Hanna Qira, Staff Writer

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When eighth graders make the transition from middle school, it is not always easy. Students have to find a way to balance their academic, social, and athletic life in a way that they never have before. High school demands are much higher than middle school demands, and freshman Emma Hogan knows this all too well.

Hogan is very involved at WHHS. She plays soccer in the fall, lacrosse in the spring, and participates in SDA during the winter. Not only is she involved in all of these extracurriculars, she also takes part in chemistry and math leagues. It is here where she takes a test and her score is compared to other test scores across the country.

Hogan said, “School comes first always, but sports is always a priority of mine. I always make sure my grades are good before and my assignments aren’t late before making any decisions regarding my athletics.”

Although it may seem as though high school athletes would not get good grades, statistics show otherwise. In a study performed at the University of Kansas, it was found that high school athletes tend to perform better in school. It says, “…show that athletes had higher percentages of days of school attended, graduation rates, and Kansas assessment scores and lower dropout rates than nonathletes.”

Hogan’s advice for incoming freshmen? She says, “My advice for incoming freshmen regarding balancing their athletics/extracurriculars with school is to always put school first. Make sure your grades are up and your assignments are complete before doing anything else. But also make sure you enjoy high school. Wayne Hills has so much to offer, so take advantage of it. If you aren’t enjoying a sport/activity, try a new one. Wayne Hills will always have something for you.”

Hogan will continue soccer, SDA, and lacrosse her sophomore year.

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What is the Life of a Freshman Athlete?