High School Starting At 10 AM!

High School Starting At 10 AM!

By Seth Friedman, Staff Writter

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government is in the process of passing a law stating that high schools are not permitted to be opened before 10:00 AM.

High school students are known for complaining about the early starting times for school, but nobody really believed that changing the time could actually be accomplished.  However, in Canada, it appears as if this fantasy could become a reality.  It could also set precedent for the rest of the world, including the United States.

Not only does sleep deprivation lead to the obvious symptoms of exhaustion, anxiety, and frustration, but there is now scientific evidence that proves that sleep is a necessity for teens.  Studies have shown that in the short-term, lack of sleep creates a greater chance for depression, substance abuse, and obesity.

More importantly, however, there is a new link being drawn between sleep deprivation and Alzheimer’s disease. When sleeping, toxins such as beta-amyloid proteins are released from the brain.  Insufficient sleep does not allow these toxins to leave the brain forming plaque in your brain.  This plaque is closely linked with Alzheimer’s.  As this plaque continues to build up due to lack of sleep, your risk for obtaining dementia greatly increases.

Sometimes it is very hard to function early in the morning, making the first few classes of the day often unproductive.  “I think school starting later would make it easier for students to focus and be more successful during their first few periods,” said Ryan O’Mealy, a sophomore.

“If it is going to build a stable and more effective education system that is best for learning, I think it is a good idea.  If we are just trying to make a quick fix to the problem, then the idea will not work out,” said Andrew Poalillo, a math teacher.

The lack of sleep that students receive is both unproductive and unhealthy.  The initiative that Canada is taking is providing safer and healthier lives for the teens of that country.  It will truly be interesting to see how later starting times in school affect the efficiency of high school students and if this plan spreads to other countries around the world.