Man on the Street – Election Edition


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

By Katie Durot, Staff Writer

With Election Day rapidly approaching, we decided to take to the halls of WHHS to survey the views of fellow WHHS students on the two opposing candidates for President.

Sophomore Nieve Petrie says, “It’s really picking the lesser of two evils. And in my eyes, the more presidential option is Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to be a woman of the 21st century and support Donald Trump because of his defaming comments towards women, and I’m pretty certain he’d be the cause for riots and uprising.”

Then, we asked a Trump supporter, sophomore Natalia Aliotta, for her opinions. She says “Not to say that I have a great deal of trust invested in Trump, but I trust him more, and I can’t support Clinton after Benghazi. People can say that what Trump said about women was horrible, and I agree, I hated hearing it. But these comments were things he has said, not things he has done. Whereas Clinton has deliberately attacked, bullied, and shamed the women who have been victimized by her husband.”

After doing a few laps around the Commons, we were able to compile some more student thoughts on the election. Sophomore Matt Smits believes that “Trump is more qualified to handle our thirteen trillion dollars of debt, we need a business man. And I also don’t want someone who turned a blind eye to Americans dying in a foreign country.”

We then spoke to Sarah Shardham, sophomore, who is a part of the Muslim faith, and she says that “My main fear is that my family could become a target for people who are against my religion. I don’t want me or my family to be victims of a hate crime.”

WHHS is not Pro- Trump nor Pro-Hillary, but it’s rather a blurred line between preference for one or the other.