Pierce the Veil’s new Album

Pierce the Veils new Album

By Alyssa Robbins

Pierce the Veil finally released their fourth studio album, Misadventures. The whole band is very excited to show their fans the new creations they have made. Their single, “Texas is Forever”, which came out right before the album was released, has become a huge hit. The band says that it is their fastest song to date.

Now that the album is out, Pierce the Veil is going on tour. They are touring the U.S now and soon will be traveling to Mexico, South America, and Australia. They will also be appearing on the Conan Show June 27th. On Conan, they will be performing their new single, “Circles”.

Circles has over three million streams to date and is doing exceptionally well. They released the song on BBC Radio-1. BBC Radio-1 announced that they think it is the “hottest record in the world.”

As of May 23rd, their album is number 4 on the Billboard Top 100, number 1 on the Billboard Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, and Independent 100, and number 5 on the Digital Album chart.

Vic Fuentes, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, states in an interview with Loudwire that, “our first tour back, we’re calling it the ‘Misadventures Tour’ and we’re going to play the entire record back to front on that tour…We really wanted to do that, and we’ve been touring on our last record for — we went on it for like four years. I think the time has come to really come strong with new music.”

Many fans love the fact that they can hear all of the new music on their new tour.

“I think it is a great idea for Pierce the Veil to only play their new album. I saw them live twice in the past year. They only played songs from their last album and a couple of hits from their older albums. I know that this tour will be amazing because it gives all of their fans something new to look forward to,” said Nicole Petillo, sophomore.

Misadventures has only been out for less than two weeks and is doing absolutely amazing. If you haven’t already, it is available at your nearest Best Buy, Target, Barnes and Noble, or Hot Topic. Let us know what you think of the album and what your favorites song off of it is.